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Solar Panels

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unimen solarsimulate your installation

Find all our solar panels at best price directly online. All orders are shipped between 5 to 7 days after payment, except in specific cases. We focus on quality and European manufacturing solar panels. It's very risky to install unknown products. You invest in a photovoltaic project for minimum 20 years. Maintenance was carried out during this period is to clean your solar panels. See all our solar panels:



  • Monocristallines solar panels

    Monocristallines solar panels

    Monocristallines solar panels 

    Find all of our monocrystalline solar panels at the best price on ALMA SHOP. Monocrystalline cells have a very good area performance (power / square meter). Today they are around 18 to 20% (= 180 to 200W / m²). For an identical surface, you have more power with monocrystalline solar panels. They have a very successful operation on diffuse radiation (rising or setting sun, low slope, etc.). The cost of manufacturing monocrystalline cells is higher than polycrystalline. To their disadvantage, these cells have a higher temperature coefficient of power than other technologies. They will produce less in countries with high temperature variation. Monocrystalline cells do not age faster than polycrystalline cells.

    Find all of our range of monocrystalline panels directly online on ALMA SHOP : AXITEC, Q.CELLS, PANASONIC and BENQ.

  • Polycristalline solar panels

    Polycristalline solar panels

    Polycristalline solar panels 

    Find our polycrystalline solar panels at the best price directly online. Polycrystalline cells have a lower yield of about 16-17% (= 160 to 170W / m²). Aesthetically, they are distinguished by their blue color. The strength of this technology is that their manufacturing cost is lower and its temperature coefficient of power is lower too. In a location where you have large temperature variations (very hot and cold), these polycrystalline cells will produce more. All manufacturers guarantee a cell efficiency up to 25 years. Finally, these cells produce very little waste and require two to three times less energy to manufacture.

  • Thin film modules

    Thin film modules

    Thin film modules 

    Discover in this category the thin film solar panels for your photovoltaic installations. These panels require inverters with transformer , because the voltages are very high. It is necessary to have a stable output current.

    Have a good shopping on ALMA SHOP.

  • High efficiency solar panels

    High efficiency solar panels

    High efficiency solar panels 

    Discover in this category the high efficiency solar modules for your photovoltaic installations : AXITEC, Q.CELLS, PANASONIC and BENQ.

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  • Solarmodule by Palett

    Solarmodule by Palett

    Solarmodule by Palett

  • Solar panel 12V

    Find all our solar panels for installation on off grid site in 12V. Connect the solar panels to your regulator. this regulator have to work in 12V also. You will be connected it to your batteries. 

    You have 2 options:  

    - DC operationning : you stay at 12V for powering your electrical component.

    - Connecting to off grid inverter: you turn your DC current to AC current and have 230V.

  • Solar panel 24V

    Find all our solar panels for installation on off grid site in 24V. Connect the solar panels to your regulator. this regulator have to work in 24V also. You will be connected it to your batteries.

    You have 2 options:

    - DC operationning : you stay at 24V for powering your electricals products.

    - Connecting to off grid inverter: you turn your DC current to AC current and have 230V.

  • Q.CELLS solar panel

    Find all QCELLS solar panels at the best price directly from our solar shop. The German company Hanwha Q.CELLS make, most of his solar panels, in Germany. Q.CELLS manages the entire value chain and the production of cells and modules is fully automated, which ensures a quality control to 100%.

    Through an extraordinary German know-how and advanced technology, Q.CELLS offers solar panels showing the highest market power and very competitive prices. The antireflective glass modules (ARC: Anti-Reflection Coating) reduces unwanted reflections and through the process of high quality coating "sol-gel coating Roller", the glass surface of the modules Q.CELLS is perfectly homogeneous and corrosion resistant .Q.CELLS offers a 12 year warranty on all of its panels and a linear performance guarantee, ensuring a high efficiency over a 25 years. Here are all the Q.CELLS solar panels available:

  • AXITEC solar panels

    Find all AXITEC solar panels at the best price directly from our solar shop. AXITEC GmbH is one of solar panels best manufacters for many years. This company was founded in 2001 and is located in Germany. His business covers solar panels entire chain from the development, production, quality assurance to sale and after sales support.

    AXITEC is one of few manufacturers to offer 12 year warranty. All AXITEC solar panels have been in last step manufacturing, a test electroluminescence. This test show cell defects. AXITEC offer perfect quality of their solar panels, available on our webshop. Here are all the solar panels AXITEC available :

  • REC Solar panel

    Buy at the best price your REC SOLAR solar panels. REC SOLAR is a world leader in solar energy solutions and is one of the 5 largest cell manufacturers in the world. With over 15 years of experience, REC modules offer high performance, service and quality investments for the solar industry. The company headquarters is located in Sandvika, Norway and production units are located in the USA. Production sites silicon wafers are located in Norway and Singapore. The company policy is to make solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone. 

    REC solar panels were rewarded in 2011 for their quality and performance by PHOTON TEST, a laboratory which compare worldwide solar panels at the same radiation. In addition, REC solar panels are certified ANTI PID by Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore. REC solar panels ensure you quality and incredible performance at very low prices. REC modules provide more power per m2, simple installation and are optimized for all sunlight conditions (sunrise, sunset, cloudy day ...). REC designed robust panels able to supporting heavy loads (5400 Pa) and thanks to their specific frame the frost damage are minimized and the sliding of snow optimized.

    REC solar panels are guaranteed 10 years and linear performance guarantee assures you 25 years, 90% of electricity production. After these 25 years, the REC panels will still provide 80% of production. Whether you're looking solar panels for residential or industrial installation, high performance and high quality of REC solar panels will provide the power and reliability necessary for the realization of your projects.

    Here all REC solar panels available:

  • HECKERT SOLAR solar panel

    Buy HECKERT SOLAR solar panels directly to our shop for the best price. The Heckert Solar panels are small dimension. They are very easy to install. All HECKERT solar panels are guaranteed 11 years on the product and made ​​in Germany. 

    Here all Heckert Solar panels: 

  • HYUNDAI SOLAR solar panel

    Hyundai PV has established a photovoltaic total integrated value chain starting from polysilicon, ingot, wafer, solar cells toHYUNDAI solar modules and solar systems. They apply a “plus tolerance” program to solar cells selection to keeps a higher generating power than others manufacturers’ photovoltaic modules.

    HYUNDAi solar modules are guaranteed 10 years and offer very good performances. Hyundai PV offers besides cheap solar modules.

  • LG solar panel

  • SOLAR FRONTIER solar panel
  • SOLARWORLD solar panels

    Find all SOLARWORLD panels at the best price. The SOLARWORLD propose a novel framework to be extremely lightweight, so easy to install. The production site in Freiberg, Saxony university town, has a long history related to the technology of semiconductors. All stages of production, silicon panel, are present in the immediate vicinity of the company's research and development group, SolarWorld Innovations. Relations with the School of Mines at the Technical University of Freiberg and the site of semiconductor Dresden foster an innovative environment, with large resources for labor and skills.

  • BISOL solar panels
  • VICTRON solar panel
  • UNIMEN solar panels
  • HAREON solar panel
  • PANASONIC solar panel

  • Solar panels promotions

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