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Regulator VICTRON ENERGY Blue Solar MPPT 75/50 View full size

Regulator VICTRON ENERGY Blue Solar MPPT 75/50

Regulator VICTRON ENERGY Blue Solar MPPT 75/50 at a price of 345.This controller can operate on 12v (700W) or 24V (1400w) with load current up to 50 A and PV voltage up to 75V. 

t has the MPPT technology that allows high-speed location of maximum power point tracking (MPPT = Maximum Power Point Tracking). Equipped with software BatteryLife: intelligent battery management, extends the life of your batteries. Encapsulated in resin, you protect the electronic components against the environment.

300,00 € tax excl.
351,00 € tax incl.

Blue Solar MPPT 75/50

Shipment : between 5 and 7 working days

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