SolarLog supervision for all inverters

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  • Energy monitor SMAPPEE

    Buy your Smappee directly on our online solar shop. This meter measures, calculates and converts your home into a connected smart home. The great advantage of this product is that it detects ALL your electrical appliances automatically. You will have a comprehensive overview of your home consumption. You can determine which devices consume the most...

  • SOLAR-LOG 300

    The SOLAR-LOG 300 provides performance monitoring of your photovoltaic installations and troubleshooting. The SOLAR-LOG 300 is ideal for monitoring your small installations. It's compatible with all inverters. Several inverters of the same brand can be connected for a  maximum power of 15KWc.The portal allows SOLAR-LOG WEB via the Internet to have...

  • SOLAR-LOG 1200

    The SOLAR-LOG 1200 is ideal for monitoring and troubleshooting photovoltaic installations. It is possible to connect several inverters of two brands with a total capacity of 100KWc (maximum number of inverters 100, a mark by bus). With a touch screen you directly have access to important informations about power or consumption. You can also access this...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
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