Power between 0-3KW

Order your solar inverter with transformer up to 3000W at the best price on ALMA SOLAR. These inverters are very efficient for self-consumption. The inverter transforms the energy of your solar panels into alternating current. Technology is a equiped of tranformer which separe the DC part and the AC part. You can connect this single-phase invert...
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  • FRONIUS Solar inverter Galvo 3.0-1

    Buy your Fronius Galvo inverter 3.0-1. This inverter with a nominal power of 3kW, is equipped with a HF transformer that offers you your independence from grid problems. Thanks to the "SMART GRID READY", the inverter Fronius Galvo ensures the best performance your production. In addition, the Internet via WLAN supervision guarantees the instantaneous...

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