Connector's hood for Cable Enphase

Connector's hood for Cable Enphase


Connector's hood for Enphase micro-inverter. 

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Install this hood behind every solar panel to enhance it in comparison with centralized solar inverters.
This solar micro-inverter by ENPHASE optimizes the power production significantly, decreases exposure time and ensures a 24/7 supervision of each solar panel. It enables you to optimize the performance of every single solar panel.
The 25-years-warranty on solar micro-inverters by ENPHASE guarantees high performance throughout the life cycle of your solar panels. Not many companies who can aspire to such a long-term solar performance.
Communication is a strength at ENPHASE. All solar micro-inverters have an integrated Wifi-conection through carrier current. The ENPHASE interface is easy to install and simple to use.

  • Cable Enphase PORTRAIT


    The connectors are located 1.025 m apart from eachother in portrait mode. The quantity you select refers to the number of connectors. The connectors are already mounted on the cable. Of course this number is linked to the number of Enphase micro-inverters you have ordered. This solution is ready to use.

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