BatterX lead zinc-carbon battery LC1200

BatterX lead zinc-carbon battery LC1200


Zinc-carbon and lead battery
Life cycle: 3500  
12 V working voltage
Storage capacity: 1200 Wh

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Buy your BatterX Lead Zinc-Carbon LC1200 Battery at the best price online. Zinc-carbon and lead technology greatly reduces the sulphation of negative plates and makes our battery PSOC-compatible (partial state of charge). It doesn't require a full recharge after each deep discharge. The deep discharge cycles of LEAD/CARBON batteries can be 50% higher than other normal AGM or GEL batteries. Designed for 3500 cycles, these batteries are ideal for photovoltaic use. The lifetime is estimated to more than 15 years. The operating temperature has a wide range: -10°C to 50°C.

Zinc-carbone and lead battery: The BatterX battery uses zinc-carbon technology. Carbon batteries generally have a longer service life and better cycling capacity than AGM or GEL batteries. They provide excellent performance during long discharges. In addition, carbon has a recycling rate of 97%, which makes for a cleaner battery. 

Life cycle: 3500: The life cycle of the BatterX battery is 3500, with a discharge depth of 50%. Considering cycles between 250 and 350 cycles per year, we evaluate the lifetime of this battery between 10 to 15 years for a photovoltaic use. 

12V working voltage: The BatterX 100 Ah battery operates in 12 V. Its charge is very fast, up to 80% capacity in 60min / 0.5C. Buy several BatterX batteries that you connect in series and the voltages are increase: you get an installation with 24 V, 36 V, 48 V...

Storage capacity: 1200 Wh: The BatterX batteries offer a capacity of 1200 Wh to cover your needs. This is equivalent to 1200 W for a period of 1 hour. If this capacity is insufficient, simply add these same batteries multiple time to your basket and capacity is multiplied.

Length x Height x Depth:350 x 172 x 275mm
Battery Type:Carbon
Battery Operating voltage:12V
Battery capacity max. (C10):100Ah
Number of cycle:3500
Discharge rate:50%
Lifetime:3000-4000 Cycles
Product warranty:2 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
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