HOPPECKE sun | Powerpack premium lithium 7.5kWh

HOPPECKE sun | Powerpack premium lithium 7.5kWh


Product advantages:

Lithium battery 
80% discharge
Compact case made in Germany
7.000 lifecycles 
7.500 Wh storage capacity
Power output 7.488 W

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Buy your HOPPECKE Sun battery | Premium Powerpack - 48 V at the best price - online only. HOPPECKE Lithium batteries are preferable in cases where more than 7.000 cycles can be expected. In addition, the strength of these batteries lies in the fact that you can use up to 80% of their capacity. This HOPPECKE lithium battery pack is the ideal solution to ensure the proper functionning of your installation over the next 20 years. No maintenance is required. The batteries can operate between 0° C and 45° C. A perfect design which will fit smootly into your home. This lithium battery is ready for use.

Lithium batteryHOPPECKE Sun Premium Powerpack uses lithium-ion technology. Therefore, it requires little maintenance. No need for complete cycles of charging and discharging, as lithium batteries do not suffer the memory effect. The discharge rate is lower than that of lead batteries, so they enjoy a longer service life.

80% discharge: The HOPPECKE battery has an 80% discharge rate, which correlates to 6.000 Wh assured.

Compact case made in Germany: The HOPPECKE Sun 7,5 kWh lithium battery's compact dimensions and design make it easy to install. HOEPPECKE is a German supplier and stands for innovation and quality. The supplier also takes care of the recycling of old batteries. He will come to your home to collect them and recycle all recyclable material.

7.000 lifecycles : With an 80% discharge rate, the HOPPECKE sun battery can achieve up to 7.000 cycles. With 250 cycles per year on average, your HOPPECKE battery has an estimated service life of nearly 30 years.

7.500 Wh storage capacity: This battery has a 5.000 Wh capacity. This is equivalent to 7.500 W over a period of 1 hour. By connecting several HOPPECKE Sun 7,5 kWh batteries in parallel, you can increase the capacity of your installation further.

Power output 7.488 W: With a 156 A intensity, the instantaneous power of this battery is 7.488 W. Your needs in met even in the evening or during the night.

Battery Type:Lithium
Battery Operating voltage:48V
Battery capacity max. (C10):156Ah
Number of cycle:7000
Discharge rate:80%
Product warranty:2 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
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