Battery VICTRON ENERGY GEL Deep cycle 12V/220Ah

Battery VICTRON ENERGY GEL Deep cycle 12V/220Ah


Advantages of product :

GEL battery
Life cycles: 900
Works at 12V
Storage capacity: 2640 Wh

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Buy your VICTRON ENERGY GEL Deep Cycle 12V/220Ah batteryfor the best price online. GEL batteries are favoured for constant and regular use. These batteries have a strong capacity at temperatures higher than 25°. It's vital to to carry out a full charge each week to assure its longevity and to not go over 30% of depth of discharge. Don't hesitate to take a battery charging monitor.

GEL battery: The VICTRON ENERGY GEL battery has GEL technology. In this type of battery, the electrolyte is immobilised in the form of gel. Gel batteries generally have a longer lifespan and a better cycle capacity than AGM batteries. We prefer this kind of battery when you have repetitive cycles, in use every day, and during high temperatures.

Life cycles: 900: With a depth of discharge of 50%, the VITRON GEL battery lasts approximately 900 cycles. We estimate the lifespan of this battery to be between 2 to 3 years for a photovoltaic use (we consider between 250 and 350 cycles per year).

Works at 12V: The VICTRON ENERGY GEL battery functions at 12V. Buy several VICTRON batteries that you connect in series and the voltages add up, so you have an installation of 24V, 36V, 48V...

Storage capacity: 2640 WhVICTRON batteries offer a capacity of 2 640Wh to meet your needs. That is equivalent to 2 640W during 1 hour. If this capacity isn't enough, add these same batteries to your basket. Capacity can be added very simply.

Battery Type:GEL
Battery Operating voltage:12V
Battery capacity max. (C10):220Ah
Number of cycle:900
Discharge rate:50%
Lifetime:0-1000 cycles
Product warranty:2 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
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