Solar panel BISOL BSU-270SW Solrif

Solar panel BISOL BSU-270SW Solrif


Buy your BISOL Solar panels BSU-270SW Solrif at the best price exclusively online. These panels with Solrif frame can easily be fitted one into the other. You get a solar tile with perfect sealing and a homogenous appearance. BISOL modules are made in Europe. All panels come with a 10-year warranty and a tolerance 0 /+5 W. All anti-corrosion and anti-saline tests were validated. 

BISOL Solrif are a great solution to change your tiles and switch to clean energy. Don't forget to register your solar panels to obtain a warranty certificate:

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Voltage (Voc):38.4V
Current (Ioc):8.75A
Length x Height x Depth:1692 x1016 x 29mm
Max. efficiency:15%
Cells :Polycrystalline
Frame color:Solrif alu
Background color:White
Panel Brand:BISOL
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Europe