BISOL Solar panel BMU-260
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BISOL Solar panel BMU-260

BMU-260SW Project

Linear performance guarantee
Positive tolerance
Poly-crystalline Cells with different color shade
Anti-PID treatment
Anti-ammonia treatment
Anti-flammable treatment
Anti-salt treatment

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Buy your BISOL solar panel BMU-260 at the best price online. BISOL BMU solar panels are equipped polycrystalline cells. With aluminum frame and a white background color, these panels fit perfectly into your roof. BISOL modules are made in EUROPE. All panels are guaranteed 15 years with a tolerance 0 / +5 W The anti-corrosion and anti fog saline tests were all validated. 

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Linear performance guarantee: Linear decrease is assured thanks to BISOL BMU-260 solar panels. You can therefore check that your BISOL panels are well within the expected performance curve every year. From the 2nd year, there's just a 0.5% reduction. After 25 years, output power of at least 85% is guaranteed. An innovative and secure solution.

Positive tolerance: BISOL BMU-260 solar panels have a power range of between 260W and 265W. You'll get precious wattage to optimise the performance of your solar installation.

Poly-crystalline Cells: These cells help to produce more power when temperatures vary significantly

Anti-PID treatment: The PID effect is a static charge which is created between the solar panel's frame and the crystalline cell. After 2 to 3 years, harmful effects are quickly visible. The phenomenon is characterised by a decreased production of your solar panels. Thanks to chemical treatments, BISOL cells are anti-PID guaranteed for the next 25 years.

Anti-ammonia treatment: During installation on farms or on agricultural buildings, ammonia is present and can erode your solar panels. BISOL solar panels are treated in order to prevent any ammonia corrosion.

Anti-flammable treatment: BISOL solar panels are chosen for their anti-flammable technology, so you can be confident that no fire will start. You can be sure that BISOL solar panels will not catch fire.

Anti-salt treatment: Thanks to their manufacturing quality, BISOL solar panels can be placed by the sea. BISOL solar panels can be set up on any kind of land.

Voltage (Voc):39V
Current (Ioc):8.60A
Length x Height x Depth:1649 x 991 x 40mm
Max. efficiency:15.91%
Cells :Polycrystalline
Frame color:Gray aluminum
Background color:White
Panel Brand:BISOL
Product warranty:15 years
Place of manufacture:Europe