We showcase all photovoltaic projects. The large industrial projects to installation dedicated to his own self- consumption. You are an individual or a professional, you want to be in our send us your photo with a brief comment to julie@alma-solarshop.com

Julien F habite en Belgique. Son installation de 10 Kva est composée de 48 panneaux Solarworld Protect 250w et de 2 onduleurs SMA 5000 TL 21. Julien a installé lui même son kit qui se situe sur le toit d'un hangar agricole. Celui-ci fait 1375m² soit près de 707m² disponible presque plein sud (-7°) à une inclinaison de 13.5°. La production estimée est d'environ 1830 kwh.

Gerard D is an individual, he lives in the Drôme (France). Gerard has 12 Solarworld Panels on the carparts. Its installation is operational since December 2015.

Bernard lives in the Drôme (France), its installation consists of 25 panels Bisol BMO-260 and Zeversolar inverters. Its photovoltaic system blends perfectly on the roof of his wooden garage 100% green.

Stéphane is a professional expert in photovoltaic. It also installed on its roof for resale (9 kwc) and on the roof of his garage in a logic of self-consumption (1 kwc). Both systems complement each other perfectly.

Jean proposes a solar panel installation rather original. It shows us that the implementation of photovoltaic panels has no limit. It is an installation of four panels shaped canopy with two inclinations (winter / summer) by foldable arms.

Dominique M. lives in the Indre et Loire (France), he trusted Alma Solar in the purchase of its photovoltaic material. Dominique has installed solar panels Unimen. Dominique has chosen to self-consumption with a PropowerGel battery bank. 

Diego lives in Charente- Maritime (France) . It is an affiliate installer who performed several commands on Alma Solar on behalf of its clients. This installation in an individual is integrated into the bati . It consists of 32 solar panels Solrif Bisol . This project has been operational since summer 2015 .

This is an installation of 100 kVA mechanical Genetouze The pole (France) on the business incubator of new automotive technologies of the community of Upper Saintonge common. It's wholly resale and was connected in 2015.

Eric live in Doubs (France). He bought all those materials in Alma Shop. This installation consists of 6 Bisol solar panels and inverter Enphase . Its installation is operational since summer 2015

Pascal lives in the Doubs. He ordered 12 solar panels integrated into the build . Pascal has himself realized the laying of installation. Its production has been operational since January 2014 .

Nagy is a regular customer and affiliate installer. He made several installations a year. It intervenes in Bas Rhin (France).

Stephan lives in Netherlands. He engaged the services ALMA SOLAR for small equipment neccessary to optimize its photovoltaic installation.

Guy is an individual lives in the Landes. It is a customer of Alma Solar since April 2015. His photovoltaic installation consists of 4 solar panels and micro Unimen Enphase inverters.