Solar inverter Hybrid MKS 2kW
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Solar inverter Hybrid MKS 2kW

Solar inverter Hybrid MKS 2kW


Buy your Hybrid inverter MKS 2kW at exceptionnal price online (for self-consumption). An smart grid inverter ALL IN ONE grouping regulator / battery charger, inverter electrical network, switch and associated protection. With its intelligent management, this self-consumption inverter charges your batteries, and replies to your electrical needs through your solar panels.

BECAREFUL, this inverter is made to use in OFF GRID system, and NOT suitable for domestic consumption.

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MPPT range :60...115V
Start voltage:30V
Max. input current :60A
Length x Height x Depth:479 x 295 x 140mm
Max. efficiency:93%
MPPT Tracker:1
Mini. input solar panel power:1000W
Max. input solar panel power:2300W
Max. power from the grid:0W
Battery Type:AGM / GEL
Max. charge / discharge:2000W
Battery Operating voltage:48V
Load current:15A
Battery capacity max. (C10):300Ah
Inverter brand:VOLTRONIC POWER
Product warranty:2 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Inverter type:Off grid inverter
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