I'M SOLAR Solar panel 270P Black

I'M SOLAR Solar panel 270P Black


20 year guarantee
I'M SAFE Warranty
100% European manufacture
High efficiency polycrystalline cells
Anti-PID traitment / Hotspot protection
Positive tolerance 0-3%

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The name I'M PREMIUM becomes I'M SOLAR. Buy I'M.SOLAR® solar panel PREMIUM Black series at the best price exclusively online. Its efficiency is 16.05% ensures maximum power on your roof. Known for its quality, I'M.SOLAR® manufactures its cells and solar panels in Europe. guarantee of quality and performance over the next 25 years. Thanks to advanced manufacturing, you get one of the best value / market price. With a product warranty of 20 to 25 years on it's linear performance guarantee, you can be sure of better performance of your system during this period.

20 year guarantee: The panels I'M PREMIUM 270P are guaranteed for 20 years period from purchase date of your solar panel. YThis gives you the certainty of having material defects during this period. I'M.SOLAR is one of the few European manufacturers to offer this service. The manufacturer offers one of the best quality in the market and proves by establishing a guarantee at 20 years.

I'M SAFE Warranty: The manufacturer's I'M.SAFE warranty from I'M.SOLAR offers 2 protections solutions: serennity guarantee protects you against theft, fire and meteorological event the first 5 years and also linear performance over 25 years. You are fully protected with the I'M PREMIUM solar panel. The manufacturer assures you of its high quality and performance.

100% European manufacture: The I'M PREMIUM manufacturing plant is located in Lithuania. They manufacture the photovoltaic cells and solar panels. This great advantage ensures a quality management at every stage of production. Note that it is very important to produce its own cells because it's the best value point in a solar panel. This feature is a guarantee of serious trust and sustainability for all your installations. This manufacture is one of the few Europe to produce its solar panels ecological way. 60% of the energy used for manufacturing comes from renewables energies. An ecological product produced in an environmentally responsible plant.

High efficiency polycrystalline cells : These high-efficiency cells, manufactured in Europe, reaching more than 16%. In addition to producing valuable kWh additional to standard, it can produce more power with strong variation in temperature. Ideal for your photovoltaic installations to small and medium sized.

Anti-PID traitment / Hotspot protection: The PID is a static effect that made between cells and frame. This phenomenon spreads throughout the solar panel, visible effect: lost production to 80%. The hotspot is a hot spot point formed at junction cells. It is physically visible with darkness on photovoltaic cell. This phenomenon destroys your production. Thanks to advanced manufacturing, the I'M PREMIUM solar panel guarantees against all these harmful phenomena over the next 25 years.

Positive tolerance 0-3%: You are assured that this I'M PREMIUM 270P solar panels are in a power range between 270W and 278.1W. You earn valuable Wp to optimize your solar installation performance.

Voltage (Voc):38.60V
Current (Ioc):8.64A
Length x Height x Depth:1640 x 992 x 35mm
Max. efficiency:16.6%
Cells :Polycrystalline
Frame color:Black
Background color:Black
Panel Brand:I'M.SOLAR
Product warranty:30 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
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