Set of 2x KACO inverters Powador 50.0TL3

Set of 2x KACO inverters Powador 50.0TL3

2x 50.0 TL3 M1 WM OD IIG M

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MPPT range :570…900V
Start voltage:670V
Max. input current :90A
Length x Height x Depth:760 x 500 x 425mm
Max. efficiency:98.3%
MPPT Tracker:1
Mini. input solar panel power:45000W
Max. input solar panel power:55000W
Internet connection:Ethernet
Inverter brand:KACO NEW ENERGY
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Grid inverter

Pack content

  • 2 x KACO Inverter Powador 50.0TL3

    Buy your Kaco inverter Powador 50.0TL3 at the lowest price - online only. With its industry expertise, Kaco offers the most competitive three-phase inverters available on the market. The input voltage range is very wide, ranging from 570 to 900 V. This inverter has the highest performance in its class: 98,3%. An integrated monitoring system allows for...

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