LG solar panel NeON H 370W

LG solar panel NeON H 370W


Improved performance and increased power
CELLO patented technology
Positive tolerance: 3%
Superior strength

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Buy your LG solar panels NeON with 385W at the lowest price - online only. LG panels use the revolutionary NeON echnology. Indeed, these cells benefit from a specific treatment that guarantees their high performance and efficiencies of more than 21%. Moreover, this LG SOLAR cell uses Cello technology, patented by LG SOLAR, which drastically reduces energy losses.

This LG SOLAR panel is one of the very few with such a high performance. Optimize your installations: you will have to install less solar panels, need less mounting systems and be rewarded with more performance. Worthwile in any case!

Improved performance and increased power: The LG NeON panel uses CELLO face technology. Performance decrease equals to only -0.6% per year compared to -0.7% on previous models. LG constantly develops new innovations to improve the power and performance of solar installations.

CELLO patented technology: The CELLO modules of the LG NeON panels are innovative. The busbars have been replaced by rear contacts to recover even more energy with each of the 60 cells..

Positive tolerance: 3%:  LG supplies modules with a positive tolerance of 3%. With LG NeON 385W panels, you benefit from a guaranteed power between 385 W and 390 W.

Superior strength: The LG Neon's enhanced framework supports 6,000 Pa of snow and 5,400 Pa of wind.

Voltage (Voc):42V
Current (Ioc):11.44A
Length x Height x Depth:1768 x 1042x 40mm
Max. efficiency:20.08%
Cells :Monocrystalline
Frame color:Black
Background color:White
Panel Brand:LG SOLAR
Product warranty:25 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
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