Lithium battery Pylontech High voltage 2,4kWh

Lithium battery Pylontech High voltage 2,4kWh


High voltage Lithium Battery
4 000 Lifecycles
10 years lifestime
2400 Wh Storage Capacity

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Buy your Pylontech Lithium High voltage 2,4kWh battery at the best prices online.This battery offers a 10 year lifetime, with more than 4,000 cycles. This is with an average of 250 to 350 cycles per year. In addition, Lithium Pylontech batteries have up to an 80% discharge rate. Which gives you a far greater storage capacity than lead batteries. By connecting the lithium batteries to the SOLAX inverter you can check discharging and charging of the batteries on-line, free of charge.

High voltage Lithium Battery: The Pylontech battery is lithium, and it only weights 28 kg which gives it a very good weight / electrical power ratio.It requires little maintenance. It is connected in series to reach operating voltages of 200 to 450V.

4 000 Lifecycles: The Lithium Pylontech batteries easily increases the number of cycles versus lead batteries. You can radically increase the life of your batteries.

10 years lifestimeWe estimate that the Lithium 50 battery has a lifespan of about 10 years (assuming 400 annual cycles, which is high).In fact, Pylontech batteries advanced technology mean they can get up to 4,000 cycles. This durability ensures the good performance of your system for the coming years.

2400 Wh Storage Capacity: To meet your energy needs, Pylontech batteries have a capacity of 2,400 Wh. This is equivalent to 2,400 W over a period of 1 hour. If this capacity is not enough, just add other batteries to your cart. The capacity is simply added on.

Length x Height x Depth:442 x 390 x 100mm
Max. efficiency:96%
Battery Type:Lithium
Battery Operating voltage:200...450V
Battery capacity max. (C10):50Ah
Internet connection:Ethernet
Number of cycle:4000
Discharge rate:90%
Inverter brand:SOLAX POWER
Lifetime:3000-4000 Cycles
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
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