Meyer Burger Solar panel 370W Mono R black

Meyer Burger Solar panel 370W Mono R black


Improved performance and increased power
SmartWire patented technology
Positive tolerance
Superior strength

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Buy your LG solar panels R with 400W at the lowest price - online only. LG panels use the revolutionary R technology. Indeed, these cells benefit from a specific treatment that guarantees high performance and efficiencies over 21%. Moreover, LG SOLAR cells use the innovative Cello technology patented by LG SOLAR, which drastically reduces energy losses.

This LG SOLAR panel is one of the very few models that offer such a high performance. Optimize your installations: you will have to install less solar panels, need less mounting systems and be rewarded with more performance. Worthwile in any case!

Improved performance and increased power: The LG R panel uses dual face technology: It reflects the light at the front and back of the cell, generating higher performances. Performance decrease equals to only -0.6% per year compared to -0.7% on previous models. LG constantly develops new innovations to improve the power and performance of solar installations.

CELLO patented technology: CELLO modules on LG R panels are innovative. The 3 busbars have been replaced by 12 thin wires helping to recover even more energy from the 60 cells.

Elegant design: With its black colour, LG R 380W panels have a neat appearance. In addition to its black cells, its metallic frame and black tedlar finishing allow your panels to blend in smoothly with your house.

Positive tolerance: 3%:  LG supplies modules with a positive tolerance of 3%. With LG 400W panels, you benefit from a guaranteed power between 400W and 410W.

Superior strength: The LG's enhanced framework supports 6,000 Pa of snow and 5,400 Pa of wind.

Voltage (Voc):44.4V
Current (Ioc):10.5A
Length x Height x Depth:1767 x 1041 x 35mm
Max. efficiency:20.12%
Cells :Monocrystalline
Frame color:Black
Background color:Black
Product warranty:25 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
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