Enphase Micro-inverter M250
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Enphase Micro-inverter M250


Single phase
Best perfomance
20 years warranty
Online connection

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Microinverters have revolutionised solar technology. Connect your solar panel directly to your ENPHASE M250 and you will be able to increase performance and monitor each of your solar panels online. The ENVOY gateway is required in order to activate the ENPHASE microinverter. Without this, the microinverter cannot function. Furthermore, the use of ENPHASE cables is essential to ensure that the product functions properly.

For 60 to 72 cell solar panels.

MicroinverterThe Emphase M250 microinverter is installed behind each solar panel, enabling them to work independently. Electricity production is more efficient as each panel is connected to its own microinverter. In addition, if something happens to one of the panels, the others will continue to produce electricity.

Single phase: The EMPHASE M250 microinverter is a single phase rectifier.

Best perfomance: The ENPHASE M250 microinverter enables you to significantly increase long-term energy production by 7% on average. Solar panels wear differently over time and the microinverter smoothes out these differences.

20 years warranty: The 20 years warranty by Emphase is an important benefit when evaluating profitability or ROI. Such long-term warranties are rare.

Online connectionThe EMPHASE M250 microinverter operates using the Envoy Communications Gateway. PLC technology is used for communication between the inverter and the Envoy gateway. A smart software called "Enlighten" collects all the data from your installation and monitors energy production in real time as well as the microinverters' performance.

MPPT range :16...60V
Start voltage:22V
Max. input current :15A
Length x Height x Depth:179 x 217 x 28mm
Max. efficiency:95.7%
MPPT Tracker :1
Mini. input solar panel power:210W
Max. input solar panel power:350W
Inverter brand:ENPHASE
Product warranty:20 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Inverter type:Micro-inverter
  • Cable Enphase PORTRAIT


    Each connector are spaced 1.025 m apart if they are in portrait mode.The quantity you select is the number of connector. The connectors are already mounted on the cable. Of course this number is associated with the number of micro-inverter Enphase you have ordered. This solution is ready for use.

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  • Tip of ending for Cable Enphase


    Tip of ending for CableEnphase M215 micro inverter. At the end of your cable your connect directly this tip. It is completely sealed and waterproof. Be careful when you attach this piece to your cable termination Enphase, you can remove it than cutting. Be sure the good length of your cable before the order.Proper installation with our products Enphase. 

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  • Disconnection tool for Connectors Enphase M215


    The tool allows disconnectionEnphase micro-inverter disconnect your Enphase M215 from its connector. Also, it helps tighten the tip termination. This product is very useful for mounting all products Enphase. 

    4,68€ Tax incl.
  • Cable Enphase Landscape


    Each connector are spaced 1.7 m in landscape mode.The quantity you select is the number of connector. The connectors are already mounted on the cable. Of course this number is associated with the number of micro-inverterEnphase you have ordered. This solution is ready for use.

    20,94€ Tax incl.
  • ENVOY-S Metered for monitoring self-consumption...

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    The next-generation Envoy-S Metered provides energy usage insights, remote update capabilities and load management, enabling a more cost-effective and reliable solar installation while adding significant value for system owners. Version "Metered". Included 2 tores with Envoy-S Metered.

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  • ENVOY-S gateway for Solar Micro-inverter Enphase

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    TheEnphase Envoy communications gateway is the core of your network. Homeowners can easily monitor the status of their system using the LCD screen of the Envoy and get more detailed information per module via Enlighten, software monitoring and analysis of Enphase. WIFI included directly in this ENVOY-S gateway.

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C'est le troisième micro-onduleur M250 qui tombe en panne en 5 ans...Pour le meilleur micro-onduleur du monde !!! Le technicien d'enphase m'a dit que je n'avais pas de chance...

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Attention pour installation pergolas

les micros onduleurs sifflent un peu, dommage c'est pour une pergola alors on les entends...

    Très contant de ce matériel

    Je ne sais pas ce qu'entendent certains par programmation pour ma part, les M250 ont démarré en production avant même que j'ai démarré la passerelle.

      Client satisfait

      J'ai fait la programmation moi-même avant de l'installer mais il répond à mes attentes. Bon produit à prix intéressant.

        Très bon produit

        Je pense qu'il est difficile de faire plus simple, aussi bien lors de l'installation que lors de la programmation. Une documentation très riche sur le site d'Enphase en font un produit très simple d'utilisation.

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        Tout fonctionne

        L'installation fut très simple grâce à la notice ! bon produit.

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        Très satisfait

        La programmation du produit c'est bien passer, ainsi que l'installation, un bon produit et un site très fournis !

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        fonctionne parfaitement

        Le produit était bien protégé, pour le moment tout fonctionne, j'en suis très content !

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        The Engage Cable is a continuous length of 2.5 mm2, outdoor rated cable with integrated connectors for microinverters. These connectors are preinstalled along the Engage Cable at intervals to accommodate PV module widths. The microinverters plug directly into the connectors, and the Engage Cable is terminated into the junction box that feeds electricity back to the system AC disconnect.

        Lay the Engage Cable along the route it will travel, positioning the connectors so that they align with the solar panels.

        Mark the approximate centres of each PV module on the mounting rail. Evaluate the location of the microinverter with respect to the PV module DC junction box or any other obstructions. Allow a minimum of 1.9 cm (0.75 inches) between the roof and the bottom of the microinverter. Also allow 1.3 cm (0.50 inches) between the back of the PV module and the top of the microinverter. With the silver side of the microinverter facing up and the black side facing down, mount one microinverter at each location using suitable hardware. The indicator light on the underside of the microinverter will be facing the roof.


        Remove and discard the temporary shipping cap from the Engage Cable and connect the micro inverter. There are two latching mechanisms within the connectors. Listen for two clicks as the connectors engage. Ensure that both latching mechanisms have engaged. 

        Repeat for all microinverters in the AC branch circuit.

        Cover any unused connector with a sealing cap. Listen for two clicks as the connectors engage. Ensure that both latching mechanisms have engaged.

        Remove 60mm (2.5 inches) of the cable sheath from the conductors. Slide the hex nut onto the Engage Cable. Insert the Engage Cable all the way into the wire organiser (up to the stop). Bend the individual wires back into the recesses in the wire organiser so that they angle back toward the cable.

        Screw the hex nut onto the cap. Never unscrew the hex nut as this can twist and damage the cable. Ensure that all cabling is located underneath the PV module.

        Connect Engage Cable into the AC branch circuit junction box using an appropriate gland or strain relief fitting. The Engage Cable requires a strain relief connector with an opening of 1.3 cm (0.5 inches) in diameter. Connect the Engage Cable into additional AC junction boxes as needed to transition to conduit between smaller sub-arrays.
        Mount the PV modules above the microinverters. Mate the microinverters and PV modules as required. Repeat for all remaining PV modules using one microinverter for each PV module.