Pack SMA SunnyBoy Storage 2.5 + BYD H6.4

Pack SMA SunnyBoy Storage 2.5 + BYD H6.4

SunnyBoy Storage 2.5 + BYD H6.4

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Battery Type:Lithium
Max. charge / discharge:2500W
Battery Operating voltage:450V
Inverter brand:SMA
Place of manufacture:Europe
Existing solar installationYes

Pack content

  • 1 x SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0

    SMA inverter production recorder (up to 50 units). The SUNNY HOME MANAGER communicates with the inverters via SPEEPDWIRE/Bluetooth link. It transfers all the data for analysis and display to an Internet server or to a local PC (integrated web server). The new version 2.0 of the SUNNY HOME MANAGER allows you to manage your electrical appliances remotely...

    559,00€ Tax incl.
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