BatterX battery 8 SPzS 920

BatterX battery 8 SPzS 920


Product advantages:

Lead Battery OPzS
Low price
Fast availability
Number of cycles: +4500
Made in Germany
Storage capacity: 920 Wh

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Buy your BatterX 8 SPzS 920 - 2V Battery at the lowest price - online only. SPzS batteries are to be preferred when a large number of cycles, exeeding 4800 cycles, is needed. They have a duration of over 20 years and a depth of discharge of over 50%. With these solar batteries excellent performance of your photovoltaic installation is guaranteed. Do not forget to respect the operating conditions: 25 °C. Add distilled water every 2 to 3 years. The batteries are filled with sulfuric acid.

Lead Battery OPzS: BatterX 8 SPzS 920 are stationary batteries with liquid electrolyte. They have a longer service life than GEL or AGM batteries. The only maintenance required consists in filling up the water level every 2-3 years.  

Low price: The BatterX 8 SPzS 920 boasts attractive rates and competitive prices. Order on Alma-Solarshop and you buy your OPzS batteries at one of the lowest pricese available on the market.

Fast availability: The advantage of the BatterX brand is that they are very responsive. You will receive your new batteries within 3 weeks after ordering, as it is very difficult to store OPzS batteries due to the inherent risk of deterioration in time when stored. The BatterX is the most competitive solution with OPzS technology currently available on the photovoltaic market.

Number of cycle: +4500: BatterX estimates the number of charge-discharge cycles supported at 4800 (evaluation made with a 50% discharge depth and at a temperature of 20 °C).

Made in Germany: BatterX is specialized in the storage of 100% renewable energy. It manufactures its batteries in Germany: quality and credibility guaranteed.

Storage capacity: 920 Wh: Battery BatterX 8 SPzS 920 has a capacity of 920 Wh. This equates to 920 W for a duration of 1 hour. It operates in 2 V and the minimum quantity sold is 6, i.e. 12 V effective. Order the sufficient number of batteries on our webshop to connect them to your inverter. 

Length x Height x Depth:574 x 198 x 155mm
Battery Type:OPzS
Battery Operating voltage:2V
Battery capacity max. (C10):920Ah
Number of cycle:4500
Discharge rate:50%
Lifetime:4000-5000 Cycles
Product warranty:2 years
Place of manufacture:Europe