FRONIUS Solar inverter Galvo 2.0-1

FRONIUS Solar inverter Galvo 2.0-1

Galvo 2.0-1

Buy your Fronius Galvo inverter 2.0-1. This inverter with a nominal power of 2kW, is equipped with a HF transformer that offers you your independence from grid problems. Thanks to the "SMART GRID READY", the inverter Fronius Galvo ensures the best performance your production. In addition, the Internet via WLAN supervision guarantees the instantaneous production monitoring. Very easy to install, lightweight and connected, the Fronius inverter is great for your photovoltaic consumption.

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MPPT range :120 - 335V
Start voltage:120V
Max. input current :17.8A
Length x Height x Depth:645 x 431 x 20mm
Max. efficiency:96%
MPPT Tracker:1
Max. input solar panel power:2140W
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:FRONIUS
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
  • Fronius smart meter 63 A single-phase

    Fronius smart meter 63 A single-phase to monitor the consumption of your home and adjust the production of the inverter. This meter communicates with your Fronius inverter and avoids the injection of surplus from your inverter into the power grid.

    119,00€ Tax incl.

In order to ensure sufficient heat dissipation and leave space, observe the recommended distances. Ensuring sufficient heat dissipation, you will avoid the inverter loses its power because of too high a temperature.

You will respect the recommended distances from walls, other inverters or other objects. If several inverters are installed in an area subject to high ambient temperatures, the distances between the inverters must be increased and a sufficient supply of fresh air must be ensured.

At the inverter side, you will find a rotary button, please set on position 0. You are assured that inverter will not operate during the installation period. Start by removing the 2 screws from the bottom cover of your Fronius inverter.

Lift the lid of your Fronius inverter.

In order to fix the inverter, you have to drill a minimum of 3 holes in your middle. Use the inverter as a template. Check that the inverter is properly aligned.

With the Fronius inverter, you have received an AC connection box. This box is used to connect the AC cable to your injection site.

If you are in three phase, so you must connect L1, L2, L3, N. If you are in single phase, you not have to connect the terminal block L3.

Prepare the connection of your solar panels. Connected in series and / or parallel thereof to obtain the voltage and operating current of the inverter FRONIUS.

In the Fronius inverter, you will find the PV terminals and - for connecting solar panels. Each string must be connected to this location.

Congratulations, you have connected your Fronius inverter. Close the front casing and turn the knob to position I. You only have to select your language and the inverter paramatrer alone.