Hybrid SolaX inverter X1-3.0T HV
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Hybrid SolaX inverter X1-3.0T HV

Hybrid SolaX inverter X1-3.0T HV


Quick start
WIFI Internet monitoring (add Wifi key)
Integrated high voltage battery management
Operates without a power network
Single-phase inverter
Management Excess solar power into the grid

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Buy your SolaX Power Hybrid X1-3.0T inverter at the lowest price - online only. The inverter determines the most economic source of electricity for you, between photovoltaic, batteries and the electricity network. It regulates battery charging to maximise their lifespan. The SolaX Power inverter puts your data online for free over using Wifi. You can analyse and monitor its performance online. If you are absent, it detects and automatically recharges your batteries. In the evening, you can use this free energy. You are afraid of not having enough power? The inverter can take electricity from the network, without any power limitation. In the event of power outages, it is also able to modulate itself to uphold your power supply. You can produce unlimited electricity.

Quick start: The key advantage of the SolaX Power Hybrid X1-3.0T inverter lies in its low voltage start up. As soon as the voltage starts, your inverter will transform energy to generate electricity. This means a considerable performance gain for your photovoltaic installation.

WIFI Internet monitoring: You are not at home and you want to check that your solar panels are working properly? It's very easy using the Wifi Internet monitoring included in the SolaX Power Hybrid X1-3.0T. Data is transmitted for free onto Solax servers. You can see the real-time performance of your installation on the smartphone app. The ideal solution for assessing the efficiency of your solar panels and batteries.

Integrated high voltage battery management: The Solax X1-3.0T is the first inverter suitable for the smart management of your batteries' charging and discharging at 450 V. You can define the recharging source for your battery (e.g. with solar panels only or exclusively from the electricity network). You can also define a recharge time for the batteries (off-peak hours for example). By default, the Solax inverter prioritises electricity sources in the following order:1 = solar panels, 2 = solar batteries, 3 = networks. This priority can be modified in the inverter's settings.

Operates without a power network: The Solax Hybrid is an intelligent inverter capable of operating without an electrical network thanks to its EPS output. It runs between two sources of electricity: solar panels and solar batteries. Your garden shed will always have a power source.

Single-phase inverter: Connect your Solax Hybrid inverter on your house to a single-phase network. If you wish to work on a three phase, it's very easy: order 3 inverters to insert in each phase. Alternatively, in homes with three phases, you can connect and stay with the Solax Hybrid single phase (connection on 1 phase).

Excess solar power is not injected into the grid: The Solax X1-3.0T is a smart inverter that regulates your solar panels' voltage to fit your needs precisely. E.g.: You need 2000 W, your solar panels produce 2500 W. The inverter will regulate the voltage to exactly 2000 W. You don't inject any power into the electrical grid. It is now prohibited to inject the solar excess into the grid without a reselling contract.

MPPT range :125...530V
Start voltage:100V
Max. input current :14A / 14A
Length x Height x Depth:460 x 477 x 181mm
Max. efficiency:97.6%
MPPT Tracker:2
Max. input solar panel power:4500W
Max. power from the grid:No limit
Battery Type:Lithium
Max. charge / discharge:6000W
Battery voltage range:90...400V
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:SOLAX POWER
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Inverter type:Hybrid inverter
Marque batterie:TRIPLE POWER
  • Solax X1-EPS Box monophase box for blackouts

    This single-phase Solax box allows the AC GRID output and the EPS output to be connected to the same injection point. This box works with Solax Hybrid SK-SU and Solax Hybrid X1-D-E inverters. The Solax Hybrid AC GRID output works with the power grid. The EPS output operates in the absence of electrical network, i.e. during a blackout. You have 2 inputs...

    275,00€ Tax incl.

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