Wallbox Pulsar Plus electrical charger 22kW - Cable 5m

Wallbox Pulsar Plus electrical charger 22kW - Cable 5m

Domestic with type 2 plug
Management with solar panels
Programmable activation
Connected to internet
Power 22kW (3P)
Three phase connection

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Buy your Wallbox Pulsar Plus electric charger at the best price online. This electric car charger is used for home or professional installation. Works with any type of electric vehicle, you can connect your charger cable (optional) to the front panel. Thanks to the intelligent management called PV SENTINEL from WALLBOX, you can use your solar panels to charge your electric car. Your WALLBOX Pulsar Plus charger works intelligently according to solar power, the home battery and to electrical grid to recharge your car.

Domestic use with type 2 plug: This charger This charger is perfectly suited for use installed in your home. Lightweight, designed and delivered with its type 2 cable, you can install it directly at your home..
Management with solar panels: Management with solar panels: The SENTINEL PV management included in your WALLBOX Pulsar Plus charger allows you to operate perfectly with your solar panels and domestic battery. There are many possibilities available. You can decide to supply your house via your solar panels and then recharge your electric car. Decide to charge your car by favoring solar power and not the grid. Or simply recharge your car via only the electrical grid. Ideally, it is always more ecological to recharge your electric car via solar panels.
Programmable activation: Thanks to this function, you can connect your WALLBOX charger to your electric car. From the myWallbox app, you can select charging times. Ideal if you want to charge for hours at low cost from the electricity grid.
Connected to internet: Connected to the internet: thanks to the free myWallbox application from WALLBOX, you can configure your WALLBOX Pulsar Plus charger, monitor the charging performance of your battery, find out who is using your chargers, etc. Many solutions are included from this application, to download to your Android or Apple for free.
Power 22kW (3P): Output power: with an output power of 22kW on a three phase connection, you can charge your battery extremely quickly. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers a flexible solution to any type of car and connection depending on your home.
Three phase connection.

Length x Height x Depth:166 x 163 x 82mm
Battery Type:Lithium
Max. charge / discharge:22 kW / 3P
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
  • Three-phase WALLBOX power boost

    The WALLBOX power boost measures the power taken from the network, sends the data to the WALLBOX charger so that it regulates the charging power and avoids excessive energy consumption in the home, eliminating any risk of blackout.

    209,00€ Tax incl.

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