ZeverSolar Inverter Zeverlution 1500S

ZeverSolar Inverter Zeverlution 1500S


Output raised to 97%
Low price
WIFI connection
Quick start
Single-phased inverter

459,00€ tax incl.

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Buy the ZeverSolar Zeverlution 1500S inverter at the lowest price – online only. The strength of this inverter lies in its great voltage range. It starts at 80 V which allows you to start producing very early in the morning and continue until late at night (eg. when the sun is low). It isn't equipped with a transformer to offer a maximum output of up to 97%, one of the best in its category.

PhotonTest, an independent organisation which tests all the inverters available on the market, has listed this inverter in its Top 10 after testing more than 150 models. The company SMA, the market leader in solar inverters, acquired the company ZerverSolar in 2013. The Zeverlution 1500S inverter is one of the least expensive inverters available on the market.

Output raised to 97%The ZeverSolar 1500S inverter has one of the best outputs of its range, particularly in partial shading. Thanks to its large voltage range, it produces electricity in an optimal manner from early in the morning until late at night.

Low price: ZeverSolar aims to make its range of inverters accessible to a wider range of customers and offers them at very attractive prices. Order on Alma-Solarshop and you will get the lowest price on the market for your inverter.

WIFI connection: This inverter comes with an integrated WiFi Internet connection using the Combox. Connect it to Internet and benefit from free online supervision. Connect your mobile directly to ZeverCom.

Lightweight: Zeverlution 1500S is not equipped with a transformer and has the advantage of being light-weight. Connecting it to your photovoltaic panels is very easy.

Quick startThe Zeverlution 1500S by ZeverSolar starts quickly. Using the lowest start-up voltage available on the market, the ZeverSolar inverters produce energy from the first rays of sunlight. Your production gain totals almost 5%.

Single-phased inverterThe ZeverSolar Zeverlution 1500S is a single phase inverter. 

MPPT range :70...450V
Start voltage:80V
Max. input current :11A
Length x Height x Depth:346 x 346 x 132mm
Max. efficiency:97%
MPPT Tracker :1
Mini. input solar panel power:1300W
Max. input solar panel power:1800W
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:ZEVERSOLAR
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Inverter type:Grid inverter

Carefully check all of the components in the carton. See the list of the component included with your ZEVERSOLAR inverter :

Use the wall bracket as a drilling template and mark the positions of the drill holes, then drill 4 holes (φ10) to a depth of 55 to 60mm. During operation, keep the drill vertical to the wall, and hold the drill steady to avoid tilted holes. After cleaning the dust from the holes, measure their net depth.

After drilling holes in the wall, place four screw anchors into the holes, then attach the wall mounting bracket to the wall using the self-tapping screws and washers delivered with the inverter.

Hold the inverter using the handles on the sides and attach it tilted slightly downwards to the wall bracket.

Check both sides of the inverter to ensure that it is securely in place.

Push in the inverter as far as possible and attach it to both sides of the wall bracket using the M5 screws and washers.

The maximum cable lengths relative to the conductor cross-section as follows:

Switch off the circuit breaker and secure it against being inadvertently switched back. Guide the pressure screw over the AC cable.

Guide the threaded sleeve with the sealing ring over the AC cable.

Connect the individual conductors to the pin connector row by row:

Insert the grounding conductor (green-yellow) into the screw terminal with the grounding sign and tighten the screw.

Insert the neutral conductor N (blue) into the screw terminal N on the socket element and tighten the screw. 

Insert line conductor L (brown or black) into screw terminal L on the socket element and tighten the screw.

Push the threaded sleeve into the socket element (A) until it audibly snaps into place.

Finally, insert the AC plug into the AC pin connector on the inverter.

Remove the terminal lug, insert the stripped grounding conductor to the terminal lug and crimp the contact. Align the washer, the terminal lug with protective conductor, and the ground washer on the screw. The teeth of the ground washer must be facing the heat sink.

Insert the screw through the hole located at the side of the heat sink, and tighten it firmly in the wall mounting bracket.

Connect with Data Acquisition System. Use a computer/tablelet to search for the WIFI signal originating from the inverter. The SSID of this WIFI signal will be called: ZEVERSOLAR_xxxxxx('xxxxxx' being the last six characters of the device mac address)

Input the IP address ‘’ into the address bar of an internet browser. When prompted for a user name and password, enter ‘admin’ in both instances

Click the "Wireless" on the right side. You will see the list of available WiFi signals. Select your internet and enter your personal password.

Your inverter is connected to internet.

Go to : https://www.zevercloud.com/

Create your account.

Once logged in the user is able to edit the site. To do this, click the 'Edit' tab. Here the user can edit the site information changing information such as name, location, system size and time zone.

Zeversolar Factory Warranty

Applies solely to the following products: Eversol, Evershine and Power Monitoring Unit. The statutory warranty obligation of the seller of your device is not affected by this warranty and remains fully valid for 24 months from the date of delivery.

For the above mentioned products, you receive a zeversolar factory warranty valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. For Power Monitoring Unit, you will receive a factory warranty valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. The zeversolar factory warranty covers any costs for repair or spare parts during the agreed period beginning on the date of purchase of the device, subject to the following conditions. This is not associated with a durability warranty.

Warranty Conditions

If a device becomes defective during the agreed zeversolar factory warranty period and, unless this should be impossible or disproportionate, one of the following options will be selected by zeversolar, device repair at zeversolar, or device repair on-site, or exchange for a replacement device of equivalent value with regard to model and age.

In the latter case, the remainder of the warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement device and your entitlement will be documented at zeversolar. The term "disproportionate" as referred to above applies in particular if, as a result of the envisaged measures, Zeversolar were to incur costs deemed unreasonable according to the following criteria:
- in view of the value that the device would have without the defect,
- taking into account the significance of the defect, and
- after consideration of alternative workaround possibilities that zeversolar customers could revert to without significant inconvenience.

The factory warranty includes the costs of zeversolar for work and material for the restoration of faultless functioning in zeversolar's factory or for on-site repair work by zeversolar service personnel. All other costs, particularly shipping costs, travel, and accommodation costs of zeversolar personnel for on-site repairs as well as costs of the customer's own employees are not included in the factory warranty.

To determine the warranty entitlement, please submit a copy of the purchasing invoice or a copy of the warranty certificate, if necessary including the receipt of the extended warranty. The type label on the device must be completely legible. Otherwise, zeversolar is entitled to refuse to provide warranty services.

Report defective devices with a detailed error description and the error code to the zeversolar Service Line. If we agree to a replacement, we generally send an equivalent replacement device, packaged appropriately for transport, within 5 working days. The defective device is to be packed in this transport packaging for return transport to zeversolar. All warranty services are free of charge only if the course of action is agreed with zeversolar in advance.

Scope of the Factory Warranty

The factory warranty does not cover damage that has occurred due to any of the following reasons:
- Transport damage
- Incorrect installation or commissioning
- Failure to observe the installation and operating instructions
- Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs
- Incorrect use or inappropriate operation
- Insufficient ventilation of the device
- Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations
- Force majeure (e.g., flash of lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire)
Neither does it cover cosmetic defects which do not influence the energy production.

Claims that go beyond the rights cited in the warranty conditions, in particular claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages arising from the defective device, for compensation for costs arising from disassembly and installation, or loss of profits are not covered by the manufacturer warranty, insofar zeversolar is not subject to statutory liability. In such cases, please contact the company that sold you the device. Possible claims in accordance with the law on product liability remain unaffected. All claims arising from or in connection with this warranty are subject to German law. Kassel, Germany is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this warranty.