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Alma Solar offers sales of solar panels at the best prices. We propose the installation of your solar panels

The ALMA SHOP catalog

solar panelssolar invertersmicro-inverters
Buy your solar inverters SMA version SunnyBoy and Sunny Tripower, KACO TL1 and TL3 version with datalogger, SOLAREDGE with their optimizer, the inverters DELTA guaranteed 10 years and SOLARMAX inverters. Don't hesitate to visit the page with our manufacturers.
Buy your solar panels PANASONIC technology HIT, AXITEC in poly and mono, HYUNDAI SOLAR, BENQ, Q-CELLS, SOLARWORLD, REC Solar. We offer at the best price our solar panels in order to make available solar energy to everyone. You can also find all our manufacturers.
Find our ENPHASE micro-inverter, SMA micro-inverter and Power-One ABB micro-inverter aat the best price. The New micro-inverter INVOLAR is also available. he micro-inverter solution will allow you to increase the performance of your panels up to 15%. Solar panels become independent of each other.
solar optimizerssolar regulatorsbatteries
Find all our optimizers on our solar shop. This product will increase your photovoltaic product to 5% up to 15% more. You will find our SOLAREDGE optimizers and our TIGO ENERGY optimizers. For Fire production, you are able to switch off solar panels production directly on junction box.
Find all our STECA regulators, VICTRON regulators, MORNING STAR regulators. We have also some MPPT regulators for using with our solar panels. Our regulators are for using for off grid systems : on Boat, on  Caravane, on Country cottage.
Find all our VICTRON batteries, UPS VISION batteries, HOPPECKE batteries with OpZV and OpZs solutions. You will find all our batteries pack in 12V, 24V and 48V. Some our batteries have a 10 years waranty at 3000 cycles. See all on this categorie.

The ALMA SHOP services

simulate your installationInstallation in Europe
Please find our free configurator. You calculate solar panels quantity needed, the maximum photovoltaic power and your production depending of the dimension of your roof. All the mounting system and accessories will be calculated automatically. Enjoy !
We realize the installation of your solar panels throughout Europe. Through our network of photovoltaic installers in Europe, we realize your pose. Go directly to our configurator or shopping cart and choose the photovoltaic installer nearest you.

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You want to grow your business, grow your customer portfolio. Many of our clients are looking for a setter / installer photovoltaic near to home. We want to connect you and offer your services for FREE. Highlight your company directly to our store, expand your word-of-mouth and gain local market. Do not wait and become PARTNER ALMA SHOP. Win-win solution.


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