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Solar Panels

Buy your solar panel at the best price directly from our shop and benefit from our full range photovoltaic. We offer different technology solutions polycrystalline cells, monocrystalline and thin film. Thanks to a competitive policy prices on our solar panels, we provide a cheap price and promotions offers. Don't hesitate to use our configurator which allows you to determine the entire photovoltaic material needed. In addition, make the installation of your solar panels yourself, you can follow our guides to realize yourself your solar system. Our solar panels have different powers from 250 to 300W. This flexibility allows to answer all your cases.

Solar Inverters

Find the price of your PV inverter on our shop. This inverters convert solar energy into your own electricity (AC current). We offer different brands, such as SMA inverter, KACO inverter, ZEVERSOLAR inverter, or even DELTA inverters. Our wide range of photovoltaic inverters also offers ENPHASE micro-inverter, SMA micro-inverters or ABB. There are different technologies, with or without transformer, single or multi-tracker tracker and different durations guarantee. All our inverters have a technical description directly on the product page. Do not forget your accessories to achieve an internet monitoring of your inverter and secure the remote maintenance.

Solar Batteries

Find our Victron batteries, UPS VISION battery, Hoppecke batteries with OPZV and OPZS solutions. Very soon, the TESLA batteries will be available. You will find all our battery pack at 12V, 24V and 48V. Some of our batteries are guaranteed for 10 years to 3000 cycles. See all products in this category.

Solar Mounting System

Alma Solar offers in the catalog any type of fixing: tiled roof, steel, porch, sunbathing garage, on the floor. Photovoltaic solar energy knows no bounds. Everything will be possible to achieve real savings.

Alma Solar's services

Use our simulator saves energy photovoltaic

Free configurator

Our free configurator helps you create your budget. You can choose the necessary equipment and get the right quote for the amount of the system

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Contact our Alma Solar support service to support yourself in the installation of solar panels

Alma Solar's Assistance

Our experts will help to control the installation of solar panels and compliance. Different plans available.

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Alma Solar Gereedschap

Toegang tot alle informatie en technische documentatie gewijd aan fotovoltaïsche zonne-energie en duurzame energie

Alma Solar academy

Find technical documentation, buying tips, white books in Alma Solar's academy. Access to all information, and make sure you do not miss the start.

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Alle Installationsmöglichkeiten und vieles mehr!

Alma Solar's House

Vision 360 ° all the installation options: the roof, the floor, a garage. It also includes connecting the technical guidance on your drive and battery. Your home is 100% organic 100% savings.

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discover our full insurance

All risk insurance

Access to solar energy in peace; Alma Solar protects for 5 years your assets against any damage: mechanical accident, fire, weather, theft. They are protected by 100%!

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Alma Solar - together we democratize solar energy

Alma Solar distributes photovoltaic material (solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries) in Europe at the most competitive market's prices. The online shop proposes references brands and well known on the market and all necessary material.

Alma Solar's ambition is to democratize photovoltaic systems by offering a catalogue of high level products and very low fees.