Download our application to control your solar panels, inverter and solar batteries in line with your home consumption. By connecting connected objects such as connected sockets, motion detectors, door opening sensors, connected circuit breakers and/or connected light bulbs, you can make your home totally autonomous.

Optimised solar energy

Thanks to our application, you will find all the performance information of your installation from the home page. You click on each part, such as SOLAR, or BATTERY, and you obtain all the detailed values instantly.
In addition, the application measures, every minute, your way of using energy, between solar , battery and network, to determine the % of self-power per day.
This data is stored to allow you to follow your evolution and improvement in a DATA tab.

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Scenes for your home

You will find all the connected products, such as your inverter, connected socket, bulb, motion detector, in every room of your house. You create each room in your house and integrate connected objects into it. You can thus find all the information for each product by room.
If you wish to modify parameters, for example of your inverter, you have access to all the possibilities directly in the ALMA SOLAR application.
Create scenarios to automate the behavior of each product in your absence. You will thus be able to optimize your self-consumption and become completely independent. Here's an example: turn on socket 1 (which is connected to hot water) when the solar panels are above 500W. Another example: Activate circuit breaker 1 (which is connected to your pool pump) when my solar panels are above 2000W or it is 8am. You can set several conditions to activate devices.

Add your parts

Configure your home in a simple and fun way and add all the rooms in which you have connected devices. You will thus be able to control each device simply and precisely.
You can therefore integrate your inverter, your socket, bulb, motion detector, door opening detector, circuit breaker into each room. You will find, on each connected product, a detailed curve of their consumption and their operation in order to get the best compromise.

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A protected house

Through ALMA SOLAR app you have complete protection for your home. Indeed, thanks to motion detectors, open door or window detectors and connected cameras, a solution that monitors your home 24 hours a day and informs you when an intruder has entered your home. You can then, remotely, contact the police so that they can intervene at your home. This service is included in ALMA SOLAR AI subscription for €4.99 Tax Incl./month.

Activate the ALMA SOLAR AI option

The artificial intelligence of ALMA SOLAR allows you to become energy independent.

By defining the desired behaviors of your devices, solar panels, batteries, electric vehicle charger, the application will control each device and ensure the proper functioning of your entire home. Ex: Activate my pool pump when my solar panels are above 3000W and my battery is above 40%. Many scenarios are offered to you by artificial intelligence to support you in the application.
This option also activates the ALMA SOLAR CARE option which supervises and protects your home. The price of this option is €4.99 including tax/month invoiced by the company SOCONNECTED which manages the application and allows us to offer these services to our customers.

Leute 100% verfügbar auf Alma Solar
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Compatible inverters

Through the ALMA SOLAR app you can connect different brands.
The compatible inverters, for the moment, are the SOLAX inverters linked to the ALMA SOLAR application. We are in the process of integrating other brands such as SMA or HUAWEI.

For connected objects, we only work with SOCONNECTED SHELLY products. Link:
We also integrate charging stations such as KEBA. We will regularly update the application to keep you informed.

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