In terms of online sales, we provide our customers against fraud and why we use safety devices to secure transactions. That's why we chose SIX GROUP allows us to offer a higher level of security. You are assured of having the maximum of service and security for online payment


The URL in your payment of www.alma will begin with https:// (the 's' stands for secure), which means that information is encrypted and therefore protected before being transferred over the Internet. Protecting your credit card number. The credit card number is not conserved in the sales site history. This is extra protection from the ALMA SHOP. This will require re-enter this information every time you shop online.

In addition, to ensure each transaction between you and ALMA SHOP we offer a 3D secure payment via:

3D Secure3-D Secure is a secure protocol for Internet payments. Deployed under the trade names Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, 3-D Secure was developed by Visa and Mastercard. It is to ensure, with each payment online, the card is used by its holder. You are assured that NO ONE will use your credit card.

In this case, both the merchant and the cardholder's bank card feature, an additional step takes place at the time of payment. In addition to the credit card number, expiration date of the card and the three digit security code (printed on back of card), the user must enter a password, such as date of birth (simple authentication), or a dynamic single-use (strong authentication).

Paypal logo PAYPAL is an independant organization considered as a paying third party. It ensures the transactions, at the level of the consumer: that the command is well respected, at the commercial level: that the identity of the buyer is respected. Payment and validation is immediate. You will find this solution directly in your cart. You must be the owner of a PAYPAL account. The payment will automatically be validated through the connection to your account.

KLARNA is a simple and quick system international direct transfer, certified TÜV (German organism control) . For us, the onlie security payments is our priority. With KLARNA, payment form is pre-filled, order references is entered automatically, which allows excluding any mistake. You neither need to create a virtual account or owning a credit card. You just have to enter confidential data to access to your online banking. This service is free to the buyer. The electronic payment system KLARNA is among the most popular in Germany.

We have signed a partnership to offer payment solution. You can choose in your cart, at step 3, differents payment solutions:

  • Pay in 14 days after your order,
  • Pay in several time, to 6 to 24 Months.

You have the KLARNA insurance. This service is exclusively offer for end customer, limited to 6,000€ and for countries: DANEMARK ; FINLAND ; NORWAY ; GERMANY ; AUTRIA ; SWEDEN ; NETHERLANDS.

Bank wire ou Wire transfer Bank wire or wire transfer is transferring operation funds from one bank account to another. It takes place electronically between two bank accounts, which are not necessarily in the same office or the same bank. This transfer is immediate, safe and reliable, that is why ALMA SHOP has selected this other payment. You will need to fill IBAN (International Banking Account Number) to identify a bank account internationally and the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) to identify the recipient's bank. This payment is free for the buyer.

Bancontact is the undisputed leader in Belgian market for electronic card payments. To make your payment on ALMA SHOP, choose this method “Bancontact / Mister Cash Online”. You enter your card number and the corresponding deadline. Confirm your order and you will automatically arrive on your bank's website. Check the order amount and log in using the security module.

The online process banking payment iDEAL is currently the most popular e-commerce payment means in Netherlands. From the webshop ALMA SHOP, after selecting your bank, you are directly redirected to your bank account. Once you have registered with your bank through the account number and PIN code, all data relating to the purchase is transferred to the online transfer form . You just have to accept payment using a TAN number. This method saves you the transfer manual entry, time consuming and may lead to errors. The buying process is simplified, and the standards securities are reinforced.

 After have chosen "bank wire", you will receive your order confirmation by email. Also, our bank details will be provided by a second email. So you must take the initiative to make your payment bank to bank. Thereafter, our accounting department will ask you a copy of your payment for better monitoring. This process is the longest.

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