General Sales Conditions

Article 1 : Field of Application

Any order on the web site involves irrevocably the acceptance by the Buyer of the present General Conditions of Sales.

ALMA SHOP SA reserves the right to modify its service without the other formality than the presence of an on-line warning and to wear the modifications which result from it in the present General Conditions of Sales.

The applicable CGV is the ones current in the day of the Validation of the order validated by an electronic signature, by a "click" of the Buyer.

In every case the Buyer is presumed to have acquainted with the General Conditions of Sales and to have accepted them by the Validation of the order.

Article 2 : Head office

The Salesman is the ALMA SHOP SA company, established 6, rue Ferdinand Kuhn, L-1867 Howald, LUXEMBOURG.

Article 3 : Contrat

3.1.      The information supplied on the site, ALMA SHOP SA's property, establishes in no way to them only a Contract. On the other hand the information given by the Buyer when he is connected on ALMA SHOP SA's web site establishes an Offer of Purchase with acceptance of the present General Conditions of Sales. Following this offer, ALMA SHOP SA will send to the Buyer a Confirmation of Order resuming in particular the price of the goods, the associated services including taxes there concerned, as well as the price of the possible transport of the goods, and the total amount to be paid by the Buyer. An indication of delivery deadline is supplied.

3.2.      The Contract is supposed to be formed the day of the sending of the e-mail of Confirmation of Order to the Buyer and after reception of the payment of the amount of the order on the bank account of ALMA SHOP SA.

3.3.      The Contract is considered from then on concluded and archived in ALMA SHOP SA's head office, 60 road of Luxembourg, L-5408 BOUS, LUXEMBOURG.

3.4.      ALMA SHOP SA chose a system of secure on-line payment so that no confidential banking datum relative to the Buyer passes in transit by the site.

Article 4 : Proof of Purchase

Without prejudice of what precedes both Parts declare to accept that the exchanged e-mails and the realized respective computing recordings are allowed as Proof of the contract which connects them.

By application of the present Contract we consider that the preservation of the computing data takes place in reasonable conditions of security if documents are systematically recorded in an unchanging and permanent database.

Article 5: Right of Retraction for an U.E. consumer

5.1. Definition.

As regards a contract concluded on an e-commerce site between ALMA SHOP SA and a not Professional Buyer living in a country of the European Union, the Buyer has the right to notify to the Salesman that he gives up the purchase without penalty, and without indication of motive, within 7 calendar days as from the day of the reception of the product. ALMA SHOP SA intends to conform to the legislation published on the subject by the European Union, as far as the Buyer brings by e-mail the proof of the delivery date of the product.

5.2. Conditions of application.

The Buyer has to notify his intention of retraction of the purchase realized on the site by e-mail. If he wants to make use of his right of Retraction the Buyer has to return to his expenses and to his risks the product in the warehouse of ALMA SHOP SA. Products must be necessarily accompanied with the invoice and with the original delivery note. Products so returned must not have been unpacked, unsealed, nor used by some way.

They will thus have to be restored in their not opened original packing such as they were originally sealed. Any originally sealed opening of packaging will make presume that the device was used. If products or their packaging were damaged, ALMA SHOP SA will inform the Buyer about it before the dismissal of the goods in the initial delivery address.

If the goods returned to its original packing without having been damaged or used, ALMA SHOP SA will credit the Buyer, within two weeks in reception, the amount of his purchase after deduction of the initial cost of the transport.

The right of Retraction is not granted to a buyer Professional (arranging code VAT) nor to a Buyer living outside the countries of the European Union.

Article 6: Modalities of delivery

6.1. Delivery address

The Buyer will have to specify in his order to which address he wishes to be delivered as well as a phone number to be able to be contacted by the Carrier.

The Buyer has the choice:

- Its order to a precise address (with the exception of a Post office box) is to make deliver
- Is to make it deprive by its care at the address indicated on the site.

In case he makes remove of the goods no transport costs will be charged. If he chooses on the other hand to make deliver the order to the address which he indicates, he will have to assume the transport costs such as these will be specified to him before the validation of the order. In case of absence during the delivery, the Buyer will be anxious to take back an appointment with the Carrier and in certain cases (infrequent) goods will be delivered to him only after the cash back of the additional expenses of delivery.

6.2. Delivery deadline

During the order, ALMA SHOP SA indicates a delivery deadline to the Buyer, knowing that the Salesman makes a commitment to lead all the actions to hold this deadline. The supplied delivery deadline is not a firm commitment of the Salesman, consequently the Buyer cannot take advantage of a delay in delivery to cancel the order, refuse the goods or demand compensation.
ALMA SHOP SA makes a commitment to warn the Buyer of a possible delay in delivery independent from his will. If this delay exceeds of 30 days the initially planned deadline the Buyer can give up his order without compensation for none of both Parts. The Buyer will have to warn the Salesman of it by e-mail, or registered letter in 2 days which follow the reception of the warning given by the Salesman and he will be credited with the already paid sum.

6.3. Reception of the goods and Risk

The goods are transported at the risks of the Salesman until the delivery at the address specified by the Buyer. In reception of the goods the Buyer has to verify that it is in good condition (if packaging is clear for example) and in the slightest doubt the Buyer has to concern a reserve to the Delivery slip with his signature. The invoice and the Delivery slip associated with the order will always be delivered.

The Buyer has 48 hours to indicate the damage caused to the goods, and to send to the Salesman the serial number of the equipments as well as the corresponding photos. His request will be taken into account by the Salesman if the Buyer concerned well his reserves on the Delivery slip of the Carrier.

In the reception of the goods the Buyer assumes only the risks. In case of return to ALMA SHOP SA, the Buyer assumes the risks connected to the transport.

Article 7: Payments

7.1. Prepayment

The payment must be effective from the order according to the means of payment retained by the Buyer:

-      Credit card payment VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD,
-      Payment by bank transfer.

If the payment is rejected by the Bank, the Salesman cancels the order.
When the payment is effective the order is recorded and an e-mail of Confirmation of payment is sent to the Buyer.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the goods are not reserved as long as the payment is not executed. Beyond a period of 7 calendar days, without reception of the transfer, the order of the Buyer is cancelled.

Article 8 : Major Force

ALMA SHOP SA would not know how to be held for responsible of the concluded non-fulfillment of the contract, due in the emergence of an event of major force.

As regards products bought by Professionals, ALMA SHOP SA will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage because of the present, operating loss, loss of profit, damage or expenses, which could undergo the Buyer.

Article 9 : Confidentiality

Since the visitor of the site decides to make a purchase, it is anxious to supply its identity and indispensable personal information for the execution of the order.

This information can be used by ALMA SHOP SA to broadcast spontaneous offers or commercial information to its customers or visitors having supplied their e-mail address.
ALMA SHOP SA makes a commitment not to reveal or to give up this personal information to quite other company or natural person.

According to the existing legislation in certain countries, the Buyer has, at any time, a right of access, a rectification, and an opposition to all particulars by writing, by mail and by proving his identity, in:

6, rue Ferdinand Kuhn
L-1867 Howald

Article 10 : Warranty

To be able to benefit from the guarantee of products, it is necessarily advisable to preserve the invoice of the product and the corresponding Delivery slip.

The guarantee manufacturer of the product is defined in the description of the article. The conditions of guarantee are available and downloadable on our site.
In the case of extension of guarantee request, this one must be established within 6 months after the purchase of the product. Crossed this deadline, ALMA SHOP SA gives the right to refuse the present demand.

In case of breakdown during the initial warranty period, the repair or the standard exchange is assured by the builder. ALMA SHOP SA will put in relation the concerned manufacturer and the final customer.

Article 11 : Coordinates of the company

ALMA SHOP SA's head office:

6, rue Ferdinand Kuhn, L-1867 Howald

Thank you for making no sending to this address for any request in Customer services!

To contact ALMA SHOP SA's customer services:

•    Since the homepage of the site by clicking «Contact Us»
•    By e-mail:

Attention:  To optimize the treatment of your requests, thank you for specifying after the mention "Customer services" the object of your mail:

• Deregistration
• Refunds
• Documentary evidences
• Request of information
• Carriers

In your mail thank you for indicating also your name, first name, email, telephone and the order number of reference.

Article 12 : Intellectual property

The complete contents of the site are ALMA SHOP SA's exclusive property. Any partial or total copy is forbidden without our written authorization, every offender exposes himself to a legal action for achievement on our intellectual property right.

Article 13 : Applicable Legislation

Any dispute concerning a order spent by the Buyer will be the exclusive competence of the Commercial court of Luxembourg City (Luxembourg), whatever is the place of delivery and even in case of appeal in guarantee and of plurality of the defendants.
Consequently, in case where the Buyer would be assigned by peer in front of another Court, he has to abandon his right to call ALMA SHOP SA in guarantee in front of quite other jurisdiction.
Praise there the virtues of state talk of will be made the application of the only right Luxembourger.