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The details of our all risk insurance

Insurance included for any order on Alma Solar website

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You are now insured against all unpredictable and sudden damage that can degrade the equipment purchased from Alma Solar. This insurance is included and free for any order placed on our site (under specific conditions).

This warranty protects your solar panels, solar inverter, solar batteries (if included in the order), ground or roof mounting, dedicated electrical protection, cables and connectors.

Mechanical insurance

We will insure you against damage linked to mechanical or electrical incidents affecting your panels, solar inverters, electrical enclosures or your solar cables. This includes short-circuits, power surges or the breaking of the frames of your solar panels. That is all mechanical risks across all of our products.

Fire insurance

Our fire insurance covers you in the case of total or partial damage being caused by a fire, flames, explosions or implosion of your solar installation.

Meteorological insurance

We will also cover you against meteorological events which may affect your solar installation: lightning, hail, floods, storms, snowfall, fallen trees and natural disasters.

Theft insurance

We will cover you in the case of damage being caused during a theft, an attempted theft, an armed theft and any total or partial damage to your photovoltaic installation linked to such incidents.

And even air crash cover

Alma Solar insurance also takes responsibility for damage caused to your photovoltaic installation by an air crash. Comprehensive insurance against even the most unexpected incidents...


In the case of partial damage, your photovoltaic installation will be fixed and the cost of repair and labour will be included. In the case of serious damage, the cost of your photovoltaic installation will be reimbursed 100% by Alma Solar during the first year.

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