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Advanced logistics

Our warehouse is located in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg . With more than 2000m², we have plenty of space to store your future solar panels. Our supply chain is automated: your orders are shipped in record time.

You will receive a notification by email and / or text message at every stage, from parcel preparation to shipping. Each product in our stock is geolocated. Quantities available are automatically assessed and the information is sent to our online store. All products are checked and scanned before shipping. With a logistics team of 4 peoples, we adapt to your order’s needs and create packaging that avoids any breakage during transport.

For information: Some customers living close by to our warehouse have asked up to pick up their orders at our warehouse themselves. For security reasons, we cannot allow customers to pick up items at our warehouse, as many trucks load and unload there all day. Thank you for your understanding.

Alma Solar Logistic
An internal study office of Alma Solar

An internal engineering office

With a team of 2 peoples, we are continuously testing our solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries. At constant sun exposure, we measure and compare solarpanels output power and check their physical condition as the months go by. We connect, configure and test inverters and batteries to ensure their proper functioning. Our team also visits the manufacturing plants to check the information provided by our friends and partners in manufacturing.

A support team available to 100%

Our team is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5.45 pm, to welcome all your questions. You have a question concerning the ordering process, choosing a solar panel, tracking an order, connecting an inverter or installing a product you purchased on our online store? We are there to help you.

Our team consists of 6 peoples located in Luxembourg city in Luxembourg. Also, our team is gender-balanced with 50% women, 50% men offering you their services.

People and employees at Alma Solar
Purchase service Alma Solar

Optimal administration

Bargain hunting is on! We push our manufacturers to optimize their manufacturing costs and offer you the most competitive prices on the market. We work in partnership with our manufacturers to offer the latest technology to our customers. We cultivate an ongoing weekly exchange over new developments on the market and customer needs.

Together with our internal engineering office, we visit our manufacturers’ production facilities on a regular basis to ensure the quality of goods sold in our online store. Our purchasing department consists of 2 peoples located in Luxembourg.

The accounting department, consisting also of 2 peoplesis also located in Luxembourg in order to ensure the right processes and always offer you the best financing solutions for your projects.

The best IT employees!

Our shop wouldn’t exist without them: We are proud to present our IT team composed of IT-experts, web designers and translators.

5 peoples who code, design and translate the data on our website all day long in order to make it more fluid, ergonomic and always more efficient.

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