SOLAX Adapter Box heater controller

SOLAX Adapter Box heater controller

SOLAX Adapter Box

The SolaX adapter box is combined with a heat pump with dry contact function. With a dry contact it is possible to activate a heat pump in connection with the photovoltaic inverter. The inverter controls the box to activate your heating according to your specifications (available panel power, battery status, weather, etc.).

Generally customers activate when there is a surplus of solar energy and battery storage capacity of the battery. This part of the energy can be used to activate the heat pump or cumulus in the required temperature range.

Compatible only with G4 versions of SOLAX inverters.

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Availability date: 06/13/2022

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Length x Height x Depth:130 x 80 x 70mm
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:SOLAX POWER
Product warranty:2 years
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