Disconnection tool for APS connectors

Disconnection tool for APS connectors


This tool allows you to disconnect your IQ Enphase micro-inverter from its connector. It can also be used to tighten the tip termination.

This product is very useful for mounting all Enphase products. 

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This product is very useful for mounting all Enphase products.

  • APS Micro-inverter YC600

    Limited Promo!

    Buy your micro-inverter APS YC600 directly on our online webshop. The micro-inverter APS specification is allows a connexion for 2 solar panels on the same micro-inverter. It optimizes solar panels production and become them completely independent from each orders. With this new technology, you reduce the number of micro-inverter and moreover you optimize...

    156,00€ Tax incl.


  • APS Cable - 2m

    The connectors are located 2m apart from eachother. The quantity you select refers to the number of connectors. The connectors are already mounted on the cable. Of course this number is linked to the number of APS micro-inverters you have ordered. This solution is ready to use.

    16,99€ Tax incl.
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