You would like to install solar panels but don't really know where to start? You probably have plenty of questions. How much inclination does my roof need so I can install solar panels? Your roof is partially in the shade and the sun doesn't shine all too often in your region? It is not always easy to determine which information you hear or read online is accurate. We would like to help you with the first important decision when planing your solar installation: Where to put the solar panels? The good news is: There are more solutions than you think! We will never run out of sunlight, so investing into solar installations is a great idea. It also gives you the opportunity to play your part and protect the environment! And you can also save money on your electricity bill.

Don't let false information ruin your solar project. Here are 5 original and inspiring ideas for installing your solar panels.

#1 Solar panels on the roof

Roof installation is obviously the most common choice. You have the possibility to install your panels on your tiles using special mouting systems. When the inclination and sunshine allow it, the roof generally offers the largest production area.

#2 Solar panels on flat roofs

Your house was built with a flat roof, it is quite possible to install solar panels. Just make sure you chose the right mounting system: your solar panels should not be integrated into the frame. This is also more economical and faster than full integration as you don't need to remove the tiles before installing the panels.

#3 Solar panels on a porch

A solar installation protects you from the sun while producing green energy. Solar installations on a porch are smaller but easy to install and directly integrated into the structure.

#4 Solar panels on a garage or carport

Your garage produces the energy your car needs! There are two types of garage installations. Garage annex of your house: the solar panels are installed with special mounting systems or directly integrated into the roof. Garage or carport separated from your house: the solar panels onthe cartport are installed just like you would install an installation on the ground. An ideal solution for small installations (1 to 6 panels).

#5 Solar panels on the ground

Use every square meter of your house to produce electricity. You have a huge garden? Why not use this area to produce your own electricity. With a fixed floor installation, orient your panels so that they produce at key times of the day. Or chose a mobile system in the shape of a flower that will produce energy all year long! Find out more about mouting systems for ground installations on Alma Solar. Our installation guide provides you with all the useful information on the different mouting systems. We also prepared a few purchasing guides to help you chose the right equipment. Need further assistance in chosing the right equipment? Try the Alma Solar Configurator for free.