You just bought a solar installation and are wondering how to clean it properly to maximize its energy production? Here are 5 tips on how to clean your solar panels, put together for you by Alma Solar.

1. How often should you clean your solar panels?

We recommend you check the condition of your panels at least 3 times a year and clean them at least once a year. But when is the best time?
  • When the sun comes back: like all great housewives, spring is propitious and less dangerous. In addition, dirt may have accumulated with winter storms!
  • In the fall, if your roof is a little sloping and if it doesn't rain much in your area. If your environment is conducive to soiling, renew your great spring cleaning... just before winter starts!
    Please also clean in fall in the following cases:
  • In an urban environment, with heavy vehicle traffic around your home
  • In the countryside, near farms: ploughing, harvesting and spreading produce a lot of dust in the air
  • Near the sea: the sand, the sea spray and the dirt from the seagulls can be detrimental to the proper functioning of your solar installation

2. How to clean your solar panels

Cleaning your solar panels can be dangerous, so please be careful and follow some important rules:
  • Don't step on your solar panels!
  • Do not project very cold water onto the solar panel as the difference between the outside temperature and the water temperature can cause a thermal shock that can damage solar cells
  • Never use a device that projects water at high pressure: this can damage the seals around the solar panel
  • Do not overdo the rubbing or scraping the panel to remove tenacious dirt: you could scratch the glass!

3. Key steps for cleaning your solar panels

To clean your solar panels properly, you need to have the right technique and follow 3 key steps
  1. Climb on the roof with the usual precautions to avoid slipping: suitable shoes, use a ladder...
  2. Spray clear water, preferably demineralized water on the panel.
  3. ERemove all traces of water, and dirt by squeezing a squeegee over the glass, with a single movement without pressing and scraping.
Once your photovoltaic panels are clean you can obtain from 15% to 35% more efficiency. It's worth the effort!

4. Choose the right products to protect your solar panels

Many products exist to clean the house, but for solar panels, it is a little different. Not all detergents are suitable, and a universal cleaner should be avoided at all costs. To find the right product, it's easy to visit a DIY store and ask your installer.

5. Call a specialist

Too dangerous? No motivation? You can always call on a specialist to clean your solar panels. This is not free, but you are assured of careful and professional work. Soon available at Alma Solar!

Good to know:

  • Vertically placed solar panels are much more messy than horizontally mounted solar panels. Dirt can accumulate at the bottom, so you will need to clean them more often.