Now available at Alma Solar: our exclusive All Risk Insurance! This insurance covers all your solar equipment FOR FREE if you purchased it through Alma Solar.

Let's have a closer look at the insurance!

What is the Alma Solar All Risk Insurance?

Alma Solar insurance is intended for both professionals and individuals. It protects all photovoltaic products purchased on site free of charge (solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery, wall or floor mounting, electrical protection as well as all cables and connectors). It is valid for 5 years.

What does the Alma Solar insurance cover?

With this insurance, you are guaranteed to be covered against all risks related to incidents:
  • Mecanical and technical: we insure you in case of damage related to mechanical or electrical incidents on your solar panels or inverters, overvoltage short circuits and broken solar panel frames.
  • Fire: we protect you in case of damage caused by a total or partial fire. Also fire departures, explosions, and implosions. Meteorological: we protect you from meteorological events that can affect your solar installation: lightning, hail, flood, heavy storms, snow pressure, falling trees, and all natural disasters.
  • Meteorologique : nous vous protegeons face aux evenements meteorologiques qui peuvent toucher votre installation solaire : foudre, grele, inondation, tempete forte, pression de neige, chute d'un arbre, et toutes les catastrophes naturelles.
  • Theft: we insure you in case of damage related to theft, attempted theft and all total or partial damage related to these incidents on your photovoltaic installation.

And even the most unexpected risks:

  • Airplane crashes: the Alma Solar insurance also covers damage related to a possible air crash.

What are the advantages for individuals and photovoltaic professionals?

Are you a professional? A professional installer equipped with photovoltaic panels at Alma Solar provides his customers with this insurance for a period of 5 years, free of charge. To benefit from it, it's quite simple. All you have to do is place an order for equipment on the Alma Solar website. You install the equipment and finally you activate the warranty for the next 5 years directly from your account Private individual: all products purchased on Alma Solar are 100% protected at no extra cost and free of charge! To activate the warranty, it is imperative to contact an ALMA SOLAR installer in your area. The expert is the only one authorized to validate the guarantee since he verifies all the necessary control points.
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