You like to do things yourself, especially if it saves you money? Then install your solar panels yourself! But before you start, you must thoroughly plan your new solar installation. It is not always easy to evaluate the costs of a solar project. But no need to get help from a professional installer or an engineering bureau. We have compiled some useful tips that will help you generate an accurate quote for your project yourself.

1. Chose the right solar panels depending on your needs

To take this step in full knowledge of the facts, you can refer to our guides or to our previous article to help you choose between polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Once this is done and the characteristics of the installation surface are clearly identified, you can determine the number of panels required. Their technical data sheet should be "attached" to your quotation, as it allows you to know precisely which standards your installation will meet and to carry out more precise production simulations by integrating the specific characteristics of your modules. Use the free ALMA SOLAR configurator to generate your solar installation quote in just 2 clicks.

2. List everything you need

To ensure the future waterproofing of your roof: you must determine the number of panels you will install. You have the choice between landscape and portrait. Choose the mode that will provide the maximum power. Count in 20 mm spacing between the panels for the fixing clamps. To determine the number of parts you will need and how to install the mouting systems, refer to the guides on our website for all types of roofs: flat roof, tile roof... And please, remember to respect the safety requirements so you don't fall while working on your installation!

For the electrical installation: first of all, the price of the inverter must be taken into account, but also: a DC box with switch and a surge protector that must be installed between the panels and the inverter in order to avoid system overvoltages; an AC box with circuit breaker that will be placed between the inverter and the EDF box to isolate the different parts; and finally wiring. When it comes to the latter, pay particular attention to its diameter in order to limit losses and the risk of overheating.

Remember that the Consuel must check your solar installation before it can be connected to the power grid in France.

Calculate the costs attributable to the site itself, such as clearing rubble or renting scaffolding-type equipment that may be required on some buildings.

Estimate the cost for connecting to the power grid: when you request a connection in France, the grid operator ErDF sends you a connection fee. To validate this offer, you must pay 50% of it. The rest will be paid after the meters are installed. This step only concerns those who wish to buy back all or part of the photovoltaic production. You can also produce and consume electricity directly from solar panels. In this case, you do not need to contact the grid operator. Electricity being fluid mechanics, your electrical appliances will automatically be powered from the nearest source of electricity.

  • You need a loan to implement your project? Then include the loan conditions in your overall calculation. One more piece of advise: even though it is not a financial cost, estimate the time needed to complete your project, to give you an idea of the duration of the adventure you are embarking on.