I'M.SOLAR stays up to date and is ready for the future: the new I'M CONNECTED.

I'M SOLAR stands for quality. The company manufactures all its solar cells and panels in Europe. A comparative study conducted in 2010 by the independant lab PHOTON TEST revealed that the integrated optimizers found in I'M CONNECTED solar panels are the most productive ones currently available on the market. The key strength of this company lies in its high performance - a strength it uses to prepare for the future.

I'M CONNECTED optimizes your production and sets your installation just right

The installation of these solar panels can be done randomly and completely freely, on roof, ground, with different orientations, inclinations, they adapt to your projects. In the case of shadow on your panel, you get up to 36.8% more gain. In a normal case of use, you get up to 3.2% more production. In addition, the M CONNECTED adapts to all inverters on the market. The grid solar inverter converts the direct current of your I'M CONNECTED solar panels into alternating current. This alternating current can be used directly in your home for self-consumption or network injection. The junction box at the back of the rear panel I'M CONNECTED rear is intelligent. It optimizes production independently of each other's solar panels. It increases photovoltaic production. All I'M CONNECTED solar panels are connected in series for quick and easy installation.

All solar panels can be connected to multiple solar panels, i.e. up to 25 in series or up to 1,000 V. I' M CONNECTED offers a time saving for connection and a greater ease of intervention on the roof in case of maintenance. In addition, the intelligent junction box can be easily disconnected for future replacement. A change of a breakage (meteorological incident) on the M CONNECTED remains simple, the junction box can be replaced without any problem.

Independent, smart innovation

In advance of future European security directives, the M CONNECTED allows remote disconnection directly from your phone. I'M CONNECTED solar panels also collect data from your solar inverter and send it to the servers free of charge. Ideal for remote monitoring and preventive maintenance, you are able to make all possible connections with the inverter of your choice.

The CLOUD CONNECT ADVANCED is the box that records all the data sent by the GATEWAY antenna of your I'M CONNECTED solar panels. It is connected to your internet box via Wifi or Ethernet. Monitor the performance of the complete photovoltaic installation on the Internet, also accessible by smartphone using the TIGO ENERGY mobile application.

An Alma Solar exclusive is looking to the future. I'M CONNECTED is a significant solution for photovoltaics and an asset for self-consumption.