Solar batteries are an intrinsic part of every solar installation in an isolated site off the power grid. They require regular maintenance for the whole system to work. In this article, we have compiled useful tips on who to take good care of your solar batteries while respecting all the relevant safety instructions.

Which important rules apply when handling lead solar batteries?

Lead solar batteries are crucial for any solar installation for self-consumption. The first charge is key here. It should be just as long as it should be to insure the good functioning of the battery. The charging time determines the battery's life span. Never discharge your battery to more than the maximum discharge level as this would also effect its service life. As solar batteries are truly a key part of your solar installation, you better keep them in good shape for longer! Always follow all the instructions for the discharging process as well as for handling the solar batteries. Specific rules also apply for the storage and reception of solar battreies. Check the batteries and their packaging when you receive them. If you witness any deterioration of the electrolytes or leakage, always refuse delivery. Install the solar batteries in a dry environment. Set the electrolytes level correctly, add the end caps and clean everything before using your solar battery for the first time.

How to take good cafre of your lead solar batteries

To avoid any unpleasant surprises when using your solar battreies, you should inspect them regularly every 6 months. Ceck the electrolyte level and fix deficiencies (30 to 35 minutes). Refill distilled water but not acid. Do not exceed the maximum filling capacity. The battery also needs a equalisation charging (1 hour or more). Best use a high-quality regulated charger to this purpose. Then, check the electrolyte intensity in the different elements. The intensity is equal to 1,260 or more? Your solar batteries are ready to use. The solar batteries ensure the functioning of the whole solar installation and its solar panels. However, you must comply with certain security measures when handling your batteries. They contain dangerous acid, so please protect yourself! Always wear safety glasses, gloves and appropriate clothing to protect yourself from acidic splashes so you can handle your solar batteries in safety.Check out the solar batteries available in the Alma Solar Shop