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SEMICONDUCTOR: A non-conductive material in pure form which can become condusive to electricity after a specific treatment. Silicon is a semiconductor and the material used for most solar cells. Pure silicon is doped with various chemical dopants for this use.

SHADING: The term is rather self-explanatory. It refers to shade that might hinder the normal operation of the solar modules. You distinguish between total and partial shading. You speak of partial shading as long as some sunrays still reach the solar panels.

SILICON: Silicon is a material extracted from silica. It is widely found in nature (in quartz or sand) and can be extracted industrially. It is a semiconductor. Silicon is used to produce solar cells and can therefore be found in most solar modules.

SOLAR FLUX: Energy one surface units received, measured in Wh/m².

SOLAR IRRADIATION: Cf. solar flux.

SOLAR SIMULATOR: A solar simulator emits sunlight-like light (same spectral composition). It can be used to evaluate the caracteristics of solar cells and modules.

SOLAR THERMAL PANELS: Unlike regular solar panels, solar thermal panels do not produce electricity but rather convert solar energy into heat which can be used to heat up a water heater or a whole house.

STRING: Multiple solar modules connected in series in order to create a solar installation.


TAX CREDIT: Tax benefit granted by the state for investments which reduces the energy consumption. Construction works involving the installation of solar panels or other installations for renewable energies are eligible to this tax credit.

TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL PROPOSITION: Previous designation for the connection proposition.

TEDLAR: Tedlar is a highly resistant material, which is used to manufacture a protective film at the back of solar panels. It protects the panels from the weather and garantees optimum operation throughout their entire service life.


USER: Person or organisation using the electricity a solar installation produces.


VALUE ASSIGNED: A value describing a certain product characteristic, which is determined by the manufacturer under certain conditions. The manufacturer communicates the value assigned and the conditions under which it was determined to the customers. Value assigned describe an installation’s power or efficiency for instance.


WAFERS: Thin slices of silicium which are combined into solar modules.

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