Did you always dream about producing your own electricity to free yourself from the market dictates of the big power producers and reduce your electricity bill?

All of this is made possible thanks to PV self-consumption

There are two types of solutions to use your own energy production: consumption with and without a storage system.

For photovoltaic installations WITHOUT a storage system, consumers must adapt their consumption according to their production.

Systems WITH a storage system allow more flexibility. Many innovations have just been introduced. These innovations allow the storage of the energy produced via your batteries. In addition, these innovations also offer Internet supervision solutions. The goal is to optimize these energy expenses by making the house smart. A new home automation technology has finally arrived.

This is precisely what inverters by Solax Power offer

  • This smart inverter allows you to store the energy produced by the solar panels and consume it at night.
  • It is smart and connected to all household appliances to monitor their consumption.
  • It is also fully connected and allows you to control all your devices.

Solax Power inverters connected to the Smappee technology

Smappee is a fully connected energy monitor that measures, calculates and controls the energy flow of all your electrical devices. The performance of your solar panels is also monitored. You thus have a complete follow-up. The information is collected and put online directly into your mobile phone.

In the same spirit, the SMAPPEE brand has just launched a water and gas supervision monitor. Electricity, water and gas you thus supervise your energy consumption in a pragmatic way in order to reduce your electricity bill.

These connected objects promote clean energies. All these new features will allow you to optimize your solar photovoltaic installation. You will consume better, make significant savings that you will be able to see very quickly.

Moreover, consuming your own electricity is a great way to play your part in protecting the environment.