They are well-dressed, rich and famous - and they are actively engaged in the fight against climate change! An increasing number of celebrities are fully aware of their status as a role model and put their influence to good use by promoting eco-friendliness and environmental protection. They set a good example by installing solar panels, driving hybrid cars and founding organisations and NGOs. We selected some influent people that can be a true source of inspiration for all of us!

Leonardo DiCaprio fighting for the climate

A comedian since his early childhood, propelled to the rank of super star in 1998 with the film Titanic, Leo is above all an active actor on issues related to global warming. 2014, he is named messenger of peace for climate by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. 2007, following his meeting with Al Gore, he co-produced "The 11th Hour", an ecological documentary on the dangers of global warming and the solutions to avoid it. He also founded an association named after him, whose aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues and help finance ecological projects around the world. The star also came to Paris last October to present a documentary he co-directed Before the flood, which deals with climate change: he drives a hybrid car on a daily basis, he heats himself with solar energy because he has had photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of his New York apartment.

Cameron Diaz, 100% natural

The it-girl who became known in the early 90s as a blonde brainless and above all a fervent environmental activist. In 2005, she produced a series of mini reports entitled Trippin in which she personally engaged. In jeans and sneakers mode, she travels the world to discover endangered habitats. In 2009, she went behind the camera and directed the documentary Cameron Saves the World, in which she met American victims of pollution and went to the park every day to "caress and embrace the trees"!

Julia Roberts , an eco-friendly celebrity life

Oscar-winning for her role as Erin Brockovitch, an activist investigating a water pollution case, it is her role as a mother that truly triggered the Pretty Woman's awareness for environmental issues. Since then, Julia Roberts has adopted a 100% eco-citizen lifestyle. In 2006, Julia became spokesperson for Earth Biofuels, a company specializing in the development of environmentally friendly alternative fuels. On a daily basis, the actress lives with her small tribe in a 100% eco-responsible house equipped with solar panels, wind turbines on the roof, recycled materials.

Marion Cotillard, the French star that protects our oceans

Very committed in particular to Maud Fontenoy's work on the preservation of the oceans, the Oscarized actress is a fervent protector of the environment. Official spokesperson of Greenpeace, in 2013 she does not hesitate to remain locked in a cage in which she displays the message "I'm a climate defender" to protest against the arrest of Greenpeace activists in Russia. On a daily basis, Guillaume Canet's partner has acquired a piece of forest in the Amazon to fight against the mindeless deforestation of the world's lung..

Robert Redford, the pioneer

Robert Redford not only whispers in the ears of horses, he also speaks to the great leaders of this world when it comes to environmental issues. For more than 30 years, he has been a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an association with a strong influence on environmental issues. In 1981, he created the Institute for Resource Management, a round table where industrialists and citizens committed to ecology meet to find solutions to the problems of the Great American West. On a daily basis, the actor is committed to promoting environmentally friendly tourism in Sundance. A piece of land that he acquired in the 1960s. Today, this Utah site is home to the famous film festival.

Bono, the committed rock star

We all know Bono, leader of the U2 group, for his inspiring lyrics; he is also known for his ecological activism. In the early 1990s, he and his group boarded a Greenpeace ship to protest against the pollution at the Sellafield nuclear power plant and, in addition to his commitment to environmental issues, which he raised with international leaders, Bono also put his fame at the service of all struggles such as poverty in Africa and AIDS. On a daily basis, the singer and his wife have launched a top-of-the-range clothing brand: Edun anagram of "Nude" which means "natural".

James Cameron, between documentary and fiction

Titanic's director, whose films all have millions of box office admissions, is also a great environmental activist. In 2011, he produced a documentary series "The Years of Living Dangerously" to denounce the melting of glaciers and climate change with a casting worthy of an American blockbuster: Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba, Matt Damon... On a daily basis, James Cameron and his team have developed "solar sunflowers" that are equipped with photovoltaic solar panels that like flowers follow the sun's path. This solar flower would be more effective than traditional solar panels and now equip the MUSE school campus in Malibu, all these stars have decided to put their fame at the service of the cause, which they consider just and important. World football champions, Oscar-winning stars, successful directors, they have all chosen to be the voice of the environment for the public authorities because they generate much more attention than any other person.