A few years ago, solar energy was a very attractive investment. Today, the field is less subsidized but there are still some interesting offers and aids available for anybody who wants to turn to green energy and retrofit his house.

Alma Solar had a closer looks at the aids available in France and selected the top 5 aid offers. These are subsidies that help you implement your project and save money on your electricity bill on top of that. The aids we listed apply to France only. However, other countries are following the French example and also offer various aids and subsidies. Just ask your local and national authorities for further information!

1/ Reselling the energy production

As a producer of renewable energy, you can choose to resell your photovoltaic production at the historical operation at an advantageous fixed rate per state. This device only concerns owners whose installation is located on the main residence and the photovoltaic module must be integrated into the building. You can also choose to use it yourself.

2/ Tax exemptions

Income from the resale of electricity from photovoltaic modules on condition that the power is less than 3 kWp is exempt from taxes and social security contributions (CSG and CRDS).

3/ ANAH subsidies

The ANAH (French National Agency for Housing Improvement) provides support to low-income households who wish to install solar panels in their main residence. Several conditions are necessary to benefit from this financial assistance. Among other things, the housing must have been built for at least 15 years and the applicant must not exceed the income limits.

4/ Reduced 10% VAT rate

Photovoltaic installations with a power of less than 3kWp (between 10 and 12 panels) benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 10%, this applies to the equipment and the installation. The dwelling must be at least two years old to be able to benefit from the reduced rate.

5/ Renewable energy bank loan

Bank loans for energy renovation projects are available from most French banks or credit institutions. The conditions for granting loans and the interest are different depending on the lending institutions. That is why it is important to compare and compete with each other. You should also be aware that some banking institutions will direct you to certain manufacturers whose reliability has been verified.

Under certain conditions, you can also be eligible for the eco-loan at zero rate ("eco PTZ") for energy renovations. You then must call a qualified RGE professional to complete the work.

Finally, please note that certain bonuses and subsidies can be combined, such as the zero rate loan and ANAH subsidies, in order to further facilitate access to clean energy, particularly photovoltaic energy.