A solar panel is environmentally friendly if it is manufactured responsibly

We choose our solar panels according to their product quality and also in connection with their policy of environmental respect

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I'M SOLAR is one of the few European cell and solar panel factories that manufactures ecologically.

no environnement impact

0 impact

I'M Solar panels have zero impact on the environment: no gases or other harmful materials are emitted into the atmosphere.

Solar panels price;

Competitive price

I'M Solar offers the most competitive prices in the market with at a state-of-the-art plant.

High solar panel efficiency

High efficiency

I'M SOLAR invests in R & D every year to develop the power output of their solar panel. They offer the highest yield on the market (up to 23.8%).

Warranty solar panels


The solar panels are guaranteed for 30 years product and 30 years in performance, guarantee of quality and performance of your installations.

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Ecological panel manufacturer in Europe. They use renewable energy to make their panel. Ecological product produced ecologically.


LG SOLAR is a Korean manufacturer of solar cell and panel. They are world famous for their range of electronic products. LG has strategically placed itself on the high efficiency solar panel.

LG solar panels manufacturer

Cells manufacture

LG SOLAR is a solar cell and panel manufacturer. This is very important for distributing these products. Indeed, the fact of being fully integrated allows them to ensure high quality. It's not an assembler.

High efficiency solar panel

High efficiency

High efficiency solar panel up to 20.9%. LG uses CELLO technology, called back-contact cells. These cells are connected from the rear which allows a high performance.

Warranty solar panel


LG SOLAR panels offer a 25 year warranty on the products and 25 years on the linear performance of solar panels.

Worldwide LG brand

World renown

Thanks to worldwide fame, you have the confidence of a global group. LG relies on an extraordinary marketing force to present the strength of its products.

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