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You can order your preventive maintenance contract. Thanks to a remote supervision, we ensure a daily follow-up of your installation, the management of the defects and alarms as well as a privileged technical follow-up.

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How can I make the most of my contract?

Order when you order or after you have ordered, there is no time limit for the ALMA SOLAR maintenance contract. From our shop you can order this service now.

Installation panneau solaire

Technical telephone support

The contract applies as soon as you have connected your inverter to the internet and sent your access to our technical team. From that moment on, a technician is dedicated to your installation and ensures regular monitoring of your installation.

Tarif maintenance fixe

Transparency on prices

You pay your maintenance contract once a year. 1 month before the end of your contract, we will contact you to validate the renewal of your contract. At a rate of €299 per year, there are no nasty surprises.

Rendement panneau solaire

Preventive maintenance

We monitor the performance of your installation remotely and manage your installation to ensure the best performance over time of your inverter, batteries and solar panels.

Getion des pannes

Repair service

If you have an inverter failure, a diagnosis is made within 48 hours by your technician. If the inverter has to be replaced or exchanged, we call in WORKEE. Its intervention will be in addition to the maintenance contract and will be subject to an estimate to be validated by you.

Installation panneau solaire

Management of your contract

The contract is applied from the end of the installation with a dedicated technician. Breakdowns prior to this contract or related to the installation cannot be managed. As soon as the ALMA SOLAR technician activates your maintenance contract, he will determine the correct status of your installation.
The maintenance contract cannot be activated if your installation is not functional at the time of subscription.

How does it work?

Place your order now in your shopping cart for the maintenance offer. Offer reserved for private individuals only in Europe.

An Alma Solar technician will contact you to obtain remote access to your inverter. It is imperative that your inverter is connected to the internet (by wifi or ethernet cable). From this moment on, the technician will define a status for your inverter. If the inverter is not functional, he will ask you to put it in a state to activate the maintenance contract.
The contract will only be active if your solar panel installation is functional. The maintenance contract is not an installation support service.

After activation of your contract, you are guaranteed full remote monitoring. We ensure the follow-up and management of alarms. In the event of a fault, we will propose various solutions to remotely solve the problem.
In case the fault requires an installer's intervention, we will contact the WORKEE installer to intervene (if WORKEE is present in your area). The intervention will be subject to an estimate that you can validate.

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