ALMA SOLAR certified PSD2

In order to ensure your payment for the installation made by WORKEE, ALMA SOLAR has obtained PSD2 certification as a trusted third party via a payment partner.

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This certification is mandatory to:
- Supervise and protect the customers on the use of their money,
- Secure financial flows,
- Fight against money laundering.

In this context, the "Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution" (ACPR in Luxembourg) requires that companies such as ALMA SOLAR be subject to the Payment Service Directives (PSD2).

Order validation

You place your order on our website. We will then create an escrow account on which you will have to pay the order. The account number is automatically sent by email when you place your order.

Secure account

our money is blocked on a bank account. This money can neither be used by ALMA SOLAR nor by the installer. You have the guarantee that your money is blocked until the installation is validated by you.

The installation is validated

The installation has been completed and validated by you. You sign an end of work report (procès verbal). This signature validates the correct operation of your installation in accordance with what has been defined with ALMA SOLAR.

Payment to installer

The funds are then released and sent to the installer's bank account. The installer is paid.


Within the legal framework provided by the European Directorate, ALMA SOLAR has the obligation to be in conformity and to obtain this PSD2 certification in order to ensure all its payments as a trusted third party. ALMA SOLAR has called on an approved service provider (payment institution) which handles the implementation of your payments on the escrow accounts created. ALMA SOLAR has therefore obtained the PSD2 certification required to validate the proper functioning and security of your order. ALMA SOLAR is therefore a payment agent.

All companies wishing to offer an equivalent service are therefore required to be certified from 2018 to comply with the regulations set out by the PSD2. Compliance with these rules will be a vector of confidence and above all a proof that the company is in compliance with the European Payment Rules. This certification ensures both the seller and the buyer. Confidence that will lead to a key factor in any business: their loyalty. A factor of capital importance, especially for large amounts.
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