I'M SOLAR bifacial panel 480W glass-glass Transparent
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I'M SOLAR bifacial panel 480W glass-glass Transparent

I'M SOLAR bifacial panel 480W glass-glass Transparent


Bifacial gass-glass solar panel
High efficiency
0-5W positive tolerance
30-year guarantee
Total protection

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Buy your I'M SOLAR 480W double-sided solar panel from the I'M STRONG series at the best price online only. The back side generates up to 80W and the front side up to 400W. The rear side can emit diffuse radiation, e.g. in a floor installation. Roof installation is not recommended as the back side is not exposed to UV radiation. I'M SOLAR panels are the only double glass panels with a 30-year guarantee and a 90% performance guarantee over this period. The two glass panels enclose the monocrystalline cells. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, the PID effect is prevented. The lifetime of the panel is designed for at least 50 years.

Glass is a better heat conductor than plastic (material used in standard panels). These panels also work at lower temperatures and increase your electricity generation. The I'M SOLAR double glass panel is robust, powerful and of high quality.

Dual-glass panel: I'M SOLAR Bifacial 480W glass-glass have solar cells enclosed between two identical thick glass plies which protect them against extreme weather conditions and increase service life.

High efficiency: These Bifacial glass-glass solar panels produce more kWh than standard solar panels. For equivalent power, these solar panels will offer you a better performance of your installation.

0-5W positive tolerance: I'M SOLAR Bifacial 480W glass-glass solar panels range between 480W and 485W. Precious additional wattage to optimise the performance of your solar installation.

30-year guarantee: I'M SOLAR is one of the only manufacturers to guarantee its solar panels for a 30-year period. I'M SOLAR guarantees an output power of 90% after 30 years of use. The aging test evaluates the panels' service life at 50 years minimum.

Total protection: I'M SOLAR Bifacial 480W glass-glass panels offer a complete protection for all possible cases. They are protected against ammonia exposure and can be used for installations on farms or on agricultural buildings. I'M SOLAR solar panels are also treated against salt corrosion. They can be installed by the sea without any risk for damage or performance degradation. They are also protected against the PID-effect which decreases the solar panels' productivity. I'M SOLAR cells undergo a special chemical treatment which protects them against the PID-effect for at least 30 years.

Voltage (Voc):37.21V
Current (Ioc):13.59A
Length x Height x Depth:1722 x 1134 x 30mm
Max. efficiency:24.59%
Cells :Monocrystalline
Frame color:Black
Background color:Transparent
Panel Brand:I'M.SOLAR
Product warranty:30 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Transparency level10%

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Super Teile
Steven F. on
Schade das es die nicht schon vorher gab. Jetzt hab ich zwei unterschiedliche auf meinem Dach. Was aber nicht schlimm ist. Ich überlege mir , ob ich noch mehr Module kaufe.????
Ein zufriedener Kunde
Peter R. on
Die Module wurden 100% sicher verpackt. Die Qualität ist sehr gut. Die Solarmodule sind Spitzenqualität! Ich werde demnächst nochmals kaufen. Ich hoffe es gibt dieses Modell dann noch. Vielleicht haben Sie auch ein Angebot so daß ich früher zugreifen kann. Grüße von Peter aus Baden-Baden
Super je recommande ????
Sylvain L. on
Super je recommande ????
Ein fantastisches Modul!
Björn S. on
Ich habe 5 Stück in Reihe an einem Victron 450/100 und bin mehr als zufrieden. Die Verarbeitung ist ebenso Hochwertig und mehr als zufrieden stellend!
Ralf D. on
Noch nicht angefangen
Stefan K. on
Bin super zufrieden - kauf ich wieder.
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