KACO Inverter Powador 8.6TL3

KACO Inverter Powador 8.6TL3


Buy your Kaco inverter Powador 8.6TL3 at the lowest price - online only. With its industry expertise, Kaco offers the most competitive three-phase inverters available on the market. The input voltage range is very wide, ranging from 200 to 800 V.

This inverter has the highest performance in its class: 98%. Its two independent trackers provide great flexibility. An integrated monitoring and communication system allows for online monitoring. You can update the firmware via USB. You can install this inverter inside and outside, thanks to its IP65 certification.

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Inverter Kaco Powador 8.6TL3

The three-phase transformerless KACO Powador 8.6TL3 inverter has a power of 8600 VA. It is one of the most competitive models available on the market.

Guaranteed efficiency

This inverter operates with two independent MPP trackers, which allows you to design your PV system with great flexibility. In addition, thanks to its high input voltage range from 200 to 800 V, you can install more solar panels. A west/east orientation or an odd number of panels are not a problem. Two strings can be connected to each MPP tracker.

Better performance

The maximum efficiency is 98%. This ensures the best possible performance to your system and your solar panels. You minimize the loss of your installation. It is crucial to optimize the electrical part of your system and select the best performance.

Integrated maintenance and monitoring

The integrated monitoring and communication systems allow you to track the performance remotely via tablet or smartphone apps. Also, by connecting your PC to the Ethernet port, you have direct access to your inverter's graphs and data. A single USB port can update your software easily. Thanks to the integrated data logger, you are warned in case a problem occurs. No more efficiency losses. Supervision and maintenance is easier. This device is particularly user-friendly.

Its compact design and weight of 40 kg allow an easy and cost-efficient installation.

KACO quality entails a longer warranty

You can safely install this inverter outside thanks to its IP65 certification. It comes in the international version and is ready to install. Kaco inverters benefit from a 7-year warranty once they have successfully been registered on the Kaco New Energy website.

MPPT range :200…800V
Start voltage:200V
Max. input current :11.0A / 11.0A
Length x Height x Depth:690 x 420 x 200mm
Max. efficiency:97.9%
MPPT Tracker:2
Max. input solar panel power:9000W
Internet connection:RS485
Inverter brand:KACO NEW ENERGY
Product warranty:7 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Grid inverter

    This KACO box allow a real-time measurement of power consumption with a safe electrical protection with all-pole separation. With a communication connexion with KACO inverter, you can setup your inject to electrical grid.

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