SoliTek Agro 245W Bifacial Transparent Solar Module Glass-Glass
SoliTek Agro 245W Bifacial Transparent Solar Module Glass-Glass

SoliTek Agro 245W Bifacial Transparent Solar Module Glass-Glass


Frameless, transparent bifacial glass modules
Performance Guarantee
Positive Tolerance 0-5W
30-Year Warranty
Complete Protection

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Purchase your SoliTek SOLID Agro 245W solar panel, specifically designed for greenhouse applications. This panel offers 40% transparency, allowing more natural light to pass through than previous modules, making it ideal even for less sunny greenhouses. This panel marks the beginning of the discovery of solar agro-power plants, representing the future of sustainable agriculture.

SoliTek panels are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including hail, thanks to their hail resistance class 4. They are also resistant to ammonia and salt mist, making these panels suitable for use in challenging agricultural or coastal environments. Their 35% recycled glass content and 98% recyclability make them environmentally friendly.

Frameless Bifacial Panel: The frameless bifacial SoliTek SOLID Agro 245W panels encapsulate photovoltaic cells between two layers of glass, protecting them against weather and time. Their frameless design enhances aesthetics while providing increased robustness.

High Efficiency: These bifacial glass solar panels produce more kWh than standard solar panels. Their module efficiency of 13.19% and power tolerance of 0/+5W ensure optimal production.

245W positive 0-5W: You are ensured that the SoliTek SOLID Agro 245W bifacial solar panels have a power range between 245W and 250W, thus optimizing the performance of your solar installation.

30-Year Warranty: SoliTek is one of the few manufacturers to guarantee its panels for 30 years. SoliTek assures a performance of 87% after 30 years of use. Their lifespan is estimated to be over 30 years.

Comprehensive Protection: The SoliTek SOLID Agro 245W bifacial panels offer complete protection against ammonia, salt mist, and hail. They are therefore an ideal choice for installations on farms, agricultural buildings, or in coastal areas.

Voltage (Voc):27,03V
Current (Ioc):11,18A
Length x Height x Depth:1770 x 1049 x 7,1 mm
Max. efficiency:13,19%
Cells :Monocrystalline
Frame color:Transparent
Background color:Transparent
Panel Brand:SOLITEK
Product warranty:30 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Transparency level40%
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