Self-consumption kit 1200W

Self-consumption kit 1200W

Kit M 1200W

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Buy this complete set for self-consumption 1200W at the very best price exclusively online. This set is ideal for medium-size private houses. You can save money with the very first rays of sunshine. The solar panels are manufactured in Europe. You will safe real money thanks to this set as it reduces your electricity bill considerably. We offer a range of complete sets for self-consumption – at the very best price.

Easy to install: This is a plug’n play complete set: You do not need anything else. This set is ready to use within hours.

Immediately cost-effective: Reduce your electricity bill considerably using the solar energy you produced yourself . This complete set 1200W is enough to power household appliances on standby (fridge, freezer, small household appliances on standby) in a two- to four-person household during the day.

Low price: Best price guarantee! This set was put together to fit your every need. Yet, we can sell this complete set at a very low price. This complete set is ready to use.

Wifi monitoring: With the addition of the ECU-B box, you can monitor your solar production via Wifi. You can manage and monitor your power production and analyse all the data on your electricity savings on your tablet, smartphone and/or laptop. The Wifi monitoring function also makes preventive maintenance possible.

MPPT Tracker:1
Max. input solar panel power:1200W
Panel Brand:I'M.SOLAR
Inverter brand:APS
Product warranty:30 years
Inverter type:Grid inverter
  • ECU-B Datalogger for APS Micro-inverter (only 4...

    The ECU communication gateway is the core of your network. Owners can easily monitor the status of their system using the LCD screen or get information by solar panel via the monitoring software and APS testing. ECU B only works for the communication of up to 4 solar panels.

    89,00€ Tax incl.

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